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Herbarium Services

  • Plant Identification
  • Searches for federally listed endangered species
  • Plant lists produced to aid in evaluating species diversity for environmental easements
  • Talks and slide presentations including:
    • Spring in the Carolinas
    • Endangered plants of the Upstate
    • When plants eat animals, a study of carnivorous plants
    • Plant communities of the Carolinas
    • Wolves of Isle Royale
    • Natural history in the Amazon
    • Natural history of Costa Rica
    • Natural history of the Galapagos Islands
    • Why organisms become rare
  • Field trips can be designed for any location. All listed below are within one hour's drive unless noted. The university does not provide vans.
    • Pearson's Falls
    • Bradley Falls
    • Wildcat wayside
    • Station Falls (2 hour drive)
    • Ashmore tract; field trip with insectivorous plants
    • Peter's Creek Natural Heritage Preserve (Spartanburg)
    • Camp Mary Elizabeth (small charge for using camp)
    • F.E.N.C.E. (Tryon area)
    • Landsford Canal State Park (two-hour drive) late June - July to see Spiderlilies
    • Others on request