Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

The psychology program at the University of South Carolina Upstate is designed to serve several groups of students: those planning to major in psychology, those taking psychology courses for elective or cognate credit, and students taking introductory psychology as part of their general education requirements.

Psychology degree requirements (major and minor): Catalog years 2013-2014
Psychology degree requirements for previous academic years may be found on the academic catalog page.

Those students who major in psychology are a diverse group. Some plan to pursue graduate work in psychology, law, ministry, or social work. Others are preparing for work in "human services" areas such as staff members at DSS or as industrial relations or personnel specialists in local industries. Still others choose a psychology major because of interest in the area and without any definite career goals. In order to meet the needs of these varied groups the psychology program is designed to be as flexible as possible while meeting the objectives of the program. These objectives include:

  • To provide students with experiences in a wide variety of content areas such as personality theory, human development, the biological basis of behavior, and social psychology
  • To introduce students to the methodologies used to study human experience and action
  • To facilitate development of oral and written communication skills
  • To provide experiences in critical thinking

Department of Psychology Mission Statement
The primary mission of the USC Upstate psychology program is to provide quality baccalaureate education in the basic areas of psychology to the Upstate of South Carolina. The psychology curriculum is designed to meet the educational needs of students who are diverse in background, race, ethnicity, age, educational experience, and career goals.      


Department Chair 
Dr. Kim Purdy

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