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Independent Study & Internships

Independent Study (3-6 credit hours)
Students interested in registering for an independent study should contact their advisor approximately one year prior to the desired enrollment date. Your advisor will refer you to a faculty member who is interested in supervising independent study students. Most independent studies involve designing and carrying out a research project under the supervision of a faculty member. Independent studies are only for those students who excel academically and have a vested interest in psychology. An independent study also requires a large investment of time and effort. However, the experience you will gain conducting your own research project is not found in any other class.

Internships (1-6 credit hours)
An internship is supervised work experience in a community agency or hospital. Internships are usually awarded only to those students who are in their Junior or Senior year of study, have an interest in work-related experience, and have a strong academic background. For each credit hour earned, the student is required to work 50 hours in an agency setting. Again, contact your advisor one year ahead of time and inform him/her of your interest in an internship. Your advisor will refer you to the Internship Supervisor, who will work with you to set up a schedule with a participating agency.

Because there are a limited number of independent studies and internships available each year, it is very important that you make your interests known early in your program. Also, because of the limited availability, GPA may be considered to determine a student's placement in these programs.

Both independent studies and internships are available for students on a limited basis. Many graduate programs expect students to have some research background and/or work experience in a related field. Research oriented independent studies and work related internships help students get this experience.


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