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Our Minor

"The most insidious form of feminist bashing 
subtly promotes the idea that feminists are a lunatic fringe,
divorced from the preoccupations of ordinary women."
- Toril Moi

Upcoming Courses   

Click here to view descriptions of WGST approved courses for fall 2013.

  • HIST 351: Women in Early Modern Europe and America ... (Loar)
    MW 2-3:15 p.m.
  • SOCY 337: Gender and Society ... (Jennings)
    Hybrid, MWF 9 -­ 9:50 a.m.
  • SPCH 398: Reflexive Autoethnography ... (Rowe)
    MW 9-10:15 a.m. - Note: crosslisted with SSPH 398
  • WGST 345: Girls Studies ... (Johnson)
    TTH 3:25-4:40 p.m.
  • WGST 398: Gender and Modernism ... (Kusch)
    MW 2-3:15 p.m. - Note: crosslisted with ENGL 387

Contact Dr. Lisa Johnson at mjohnson@uscupstate.edu for more information. Also, check out our course archive for information on past coruses offered in WGST.      

Minor PosterAcademic Program   

Cognate in Women's and Gender Studies
Women's Studies is one of several multidisciplinary cognates students may pursue.  Courses may be taken from any discipline as long as the course content centers around women's interests.

Minor In Women's and Gender Studies
In June, 2001, Women's Studies became the first program at USC Upstate to be approved to offer a minor.  The minor includes 18 credit hours, and requires the introductory course, a theory course, and four upper-level courses.  A grade of C or better must be earned in each course used to satisfy the requirements for a minor.  Courses listed at the lower level may be used to satisfy both the minor and general education requirements, however upper level courses may not count toward both the major and minor requirements.  At the June, 2001 faculty senate meeting it was determined that "minors may not be granted by the university until the student's degree program is altered (using normal catalog change procedures) to incorporate a minor as an option in the degree program or to recognize it as a possibility available to students within to take extra hours beyond the degree requirements."  If you are interested in pursuing a minor, check with your advisor or division office to determine whether or not the major program worksheet has been changed to include this curricular option.

Women's and Gender Studies Minor Requirements   
Click here to view WGST approved courses for fall 2013.

Course  Hours          
SWST 101 - Introduction to Women's Studies
SWST 301 - Feminist Theory and Methods 
Electives - Four upper-level courses whose content is primarily centered on women's interests.  To support the interdisciplinary nature of the field, no more than two courses from any individual discipline  (except SWST) may be included in the minor.  See below for the list of courses approved for inclusion in the minor.

Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS) Concentration in
Women's  and Gender Studies

Although USC Upstate does not offer a formal major in women's studies, students can develop the equivalent of a major through the Interdisciplinary Studies program. Specific requirements for IDS programs can be found in the University catalog, with basic information posted on the IDS web page. Students choosing to pursue an IDS concentration in women's studies would select “Option IV- Individualized” to create a cross-disciplinary program of study. In addition to general education and elective courses, the women's studies concentration would require 25-29 hours in junior and senior-level women's studies courses (whether specially designated women's studies or those within other departments that focus specifically on women's interests). The concentration requires a methods or theory course and a senior seminar from the same program area. Individualized IDS concentrations are approved on an individual basis, and should be developed in cooperation with an advisor. We recommend a program of study that includes upper division course work in a broad range of disciplinary areas, allowing the student to address the range of information included in the women's studies content standards. To best meet the content standards, in addition to courses specifically designated women's studies, we strongly recommend students take women-related course work in history, sociology, psychology, English, art, criminal justice, and government. Permanent, one-time, and special topics courses in these and other program areas will increase the likelihood of exposure to all recommended topics in the content standards.

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