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USC Upstate currently offers a variety of courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels through distance education. Distance Education at USC Upstate consists of a teaching modality comprised of the most up-to-date pedagogical strategies and innovative technologies to engage the learner. USC Upstate is committed to providing quality instruction and course content to students regardless of geographical location or course content delivery format.

General Course Information

To search for distance education courses offered at USC Upstate, please click here, select the USC Upstate campus, then select the course prefix you are interested in (or click the top subject, hold ctrl+shift and click the last subject to select all). Finally, select the "online" attribute from the dropdown list to display any online courses in that area(s). If you are simply randomly looking up courses, look for the following course section letter attributes:

  • "W" is a completely online course
  • "M" is a blended/hybrid course with an on-campus component
  • "V" is a two-way live video-conference course between two or more sites

Each semester, USC Upstate offers distance education courses across all programs. Eight degree programs currently offer the majority of the upper-level courses required through distance education:

Distance education combines high quality instruction with interactive technology. Technologies from all four categories -- voice, video, data, and print -- bridge the gap between student and faculty member. Technology provides learners an accessible, convenient and effective means for receiving college credit and earning degrees when attendance in a traditional setting is not possible.

The purpose of distance education at USC Upstate is to achieve academic excellence by offering existing programs and courses using various modes of delivery. It seeks to provide a high quality student experience by expanding the times and places of program offerings and embracing technological innovation. Through partnerships with other educational institutions, with business and industry and with community and public agencies, USC Upstate will create learning opportunities as they are needed. The institution will show operational stewardship by providing these essential services efficiently.

  • To maintain the high quality of existing academic programs delivered through distance education as defined by appropriate accrediting agencies;
  • To comply with the SREB Principles of Good Practice for distance education; and
  • To ensure the technology used is appropriate to the nature and objectives of the programs.

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