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Workshop Resources


Primary Sources Workshop


Primary Sources Workshop Outline

Primary Sources in Perspective by Mark Newman


Introduction to An Adventure of the American Mind

Internet-Based Instructional Activities


Web Activity

Discovering Primary Sources (WebQuest)

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Library of Congress Online Resources Workshop


LOC Workshop Outline

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File Basics Workshop


File Basics Workshop Outline

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Primary Sources:  Photographs Workshop


Analyzing a Primary Source Photograph Activity Plan

Digital Image File Format Comparison

Children Playing in Sand (JPEG image)

Children Playing in Sand (PNG image)

Children Playing in Sand (GIF image)

Children Playing in Sand (PCX image)

Children Playing in Sand (TIF image)

Children Playing in Sand (BMP cfimage)

Graphic Images Format Comparison Table

How to Search the LOC Website (from AM website)

Image: Focus on the Details (from AM website)

Primary Sources: Photographs Workshop Outline

Thinking about Primary Sources



(Chicago Daily News negatives collection, Courtesy of the Chicago Historical Society)

Nurse and Child

Children in Hammocks  (photograph: DN-0001423)

Street Scene (photograph: DN-100626 33)

Three boys (photograph: DN-000470)

Classroom with students (photograph;DN-0006488)



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Primary Sources:  Documents Workshop


Document CSI Activity Outline

Documents for CSI Activity (to print)

How Does it Read (from AM website)

Primary Sources: Documents Workshop Outline

Printed Ephemera Genre Terms (from AM website)

What do documents say about you? form

Written Documents Analysis Worksheet

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Primary Sources:  Sound Workshop


Adding Music, Sound, and Video to PowerPoint

American Memory Collections that Contain Sounds

Audio File Format chart

Listening to and Using AM Audio Clips with Audio Format Chart

Oral History Analysis form

Primary Sources: Sound Workshop Outline

Sound Recording Analysis Worksheet



American Memory Sound Primary Sources

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Primary Sources:  Motion Pictures Workshop


American Memory Collections that Contain Motion Pictures

Graphic Organizer

Motion Picture Analysis worksheet

Movie File Format chart

Primary Sources: Motion Pictures Workshop Outline

Using the Graphic Organizer

Viewing and Using American Memory Movie Clips

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Primary Sources:  Maps Workshop


American Memory Collections that contain Maps

Collection Connection Overview worksheet

Graphic Organizer for Maps

Population Density Map Activity

Primary Sources: Maps Workshop Outline

US Population Center Map

Zoom into Maps (from AM website)

1892 Rand McNally map

1990 US Population Density map

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Multimedia Workshop


Jeopardy Planning Form

Multimedia Rubric



American Memory Jeopardy Example

Jeopardy Template

PowerPoint Tips and Tricks



  Jeopardy Sound File

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On-line Activities Workshop


On-line Activities Summary (Chart)



Internet Search Strategies

Web-based Activities


Other Resources

Citation Matrix for American Memory Collections

 Creating Tables

WebQuest Template (version1)

WebQuest Template (version2)

WebQuest Template (version 3 (multi-page zip file))


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Primary Sources Workshop


Library of Congress Online Resources Workshop


File Basics Workshop


Primary Sources: Photographs Workshop


Primary Sources: Documents


Primary Sources: Sound


Primary Sources:

Motion Pictures


Primary Sources: Maps