Document CSI Activity

(Character Search & Identification)


Activity Objectives

            By the end of the Document CSI: Character Search & Identification Activity, each participant will be able to:


1.      analyze a document using the handout: Primary Documents Analysis form.

2.      use primary documents to reconstruct information

3.      develop a list of terms for searching the Internet for more information.

4.      locate information on the Internet related to the document being studied.



        Worksheet: Primary Documents Analysis form.

        Documents to be analyzed

        Computer with Internet connection



1.      Divide the group into teams of 4-5.

2.      Pass out the Primary Documents Analysis form.

3.      Give each group the documents to be analyzed.

4.      Each group should analyze each document listing:

a.       What the document states as fact.

b.      What they think they know based on the document.

c.       What they would like to know that would help put the full picture together. 

d.      Some search terms that would be appropriate for finding the information they seek.

5.      As the group works on their assigned documents, one group member can begin searching the Internet using the search terms decided on by the group.

6.      Ask each group member to write three or more paragraphs summarizing what they found out based on the documents and Internet search.

7.      Have each group share their writing.