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African-American Odyssey ~ Exhibit ~ Multiformat

Title: African American Odyssey

Description: This Special Presentation of the Library of Congress exhibition, The African American Odyssey: A Quest for Full Citizenship, showcases the Library's incomparable African American collections. The presentation is not only a highlight of what is on view in this major black history exhibition, but also a glimpse into the Library's vast African American collection. Both include a wide array of important and rare books, government documents, manuscripts, maps, musical scores, plays, films, and recordings. This presentation is not yet searchable. Additional collections are forthcoming.

Civil War Maps ~ 1861-1865

Title: Civil War Maps

Description: The Civil War Map collection of the Geography and Map Division consists of reconnaissance, sketch, coastal, and theater-of-war maps which depict troop activities and fortifications during the Civil War. Part of this selection contains maps by Major Jedediah Hotchkiss, a topographical engineer in the Confederate Army. Hotchkiss made detailed battle maps that were used by Generals Lee and Jackson. This selection also includes maps that depict General Sherman's military campaigns in Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia, and the Carolinas.

Florida Everglades Environmental History ~ Multiformat ~ 1884-1934

Title: Reclaiming the Everglades: South Florida's Natural History, 1884-1934

Description: Reclaiming the Everglades represents all or part of sixteen 'physical' collections housed in the archives and special collections of University of Miami, Florida International University and the Historical Museum of Southern Florida. This online compilation includes a rich diversity of unique or rare materials: personal correspondence, essays, typescripts, reports and memos; photographs, maps and postcards; and publications from individuals and the government.

Liberia ~ Maps ~ 1830-1870

Title: Maps of Liberia, 1830-1870

Description: This collection of Liberia maps includes twenty examples from the American Colonization Society (ACS), organized in 1817 to resettle free black Americans in West Africa. These maps show early settlements in Liberia, indigenous political subdivisions, and some of the building lots that were assigned to settlers. This on-line presentation also includes other nineteenth-century maps of Liberia.

Maps ~ 1500-2004

Title: Map Collections: 1500-2004

Description: The focus of Map Collections is Americana and Cartographic Treasures of the Library of Congress. These images were created from maps and atlases selected from the collections of the Geography and Map Division.





Morse, Samuel F. B. ~ Papers ~ 1793-1919

Title: Samuel F. B. Morse Papers at the Library of Congress, 1793-1919

Description: The collection comprises about 6,500 items, or approximately 50,000 images, that document Morse's invention of the electromagnetic telegraph, his participation in the development of telegraph systems in the United States and abroad, his career as a painter, his family life, his travels, and his interest in early photography, religion, and the nativist movement. Included in the collection are correspondence, letter books, diaries, scrapbooks, printed matter, maps, drawings, and other miscellaneous materials.

National Parks ~ Maps

Title: Mapping the National Parks

Description: The National Parks Map collection consists of approximately 200 maps dating from the 17th century to present, reflecting early mapping of the areas that would become four National Parks as well as the parks themselves. It documents the historical, cultural and geological formation of the areas that eventually became the National Parks.

Panoramic Maps ~ 1847-1929

Title: Panoramic Maps

Description: Panoramic maps are idealized schematic views of American towns and cities produced during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Although not generally drawn to scale, they show street patterns, individual buildings, and major landscape features in perspective. The maps in this collection are held by the Library of Congress Geography and Map Division.

Railroads ~ Maps ~ 1828-1900

Title: Railroad Maps, 1828-1900

Description: Railroad maps represent an important historical record, illustrating the growth of travel and settlement as well as the development of industry and agriculture in the United States. They depict the development of cartographic style and technique as well as highlighting the achievement of early railroaders. Included in the collection are progress report surveys for individual lines, official government surveys, promotional maps, maps showing land grants and rights-of-way, and route guides published by commercial firms. All of the items presented here are documented in Railroad Maps of the United States, compiled by Andrew M. Modelski in 1975, an annotated bibliography of 623 maps held by the Geography and Map Division. Additional railroad maps from this bibliography will be added throughout 1998.

Revolutionary Era ~ Maps ~ 1750-1789

Title: The American Revolution and Its Era: Maps and Charts of North America and the West Indies, 1750-1789

Description: The maps and charts in this collection number well over two thousand different items, with easily as many or more unnumbered duplicates, many with distinct colorations and annotations. Almost six hundred maps are original manuscript drawings.

Utah and Western Migration ~ Multiformat ~ 1846-1869

Title: Trails to Utah and the Pacific: Diaries and Letters, 1846-1869

Description: The collection tells the stories of Mormon pioneer families and others who were part of the national westering movement, sharing trail experiences common to hundreds of thousands of westward migrants.