Population Density Map Activity


Using the 1892 Rand McNally map, 1990 US Population Density map, and the US Population Center Maps, let's explore how these types of maps might be used in the classroom.


  1. Click the link to the Rand McNally map. Click on the map to start the MrSid viewer.
  2. Click on the caption below the map for bibliographic information.
  3. Click on the map itself to access the zoom view.
  4. Answer the questions below.
  5. Next access the US Population Density Map and US Population Density map by clicking on the links to get the information needed to answer the question 6 and 7.



  1. What were the most populated U.S. areas in 1890?



  1. How did the center of population change from 1790 to 1890? Why?



  1. What were the least populated areas of the U.S.? Why?



  1. What was the population density of YOUR state in 1890?



  1. What is it today?



  1. How has the population center changed since 1890?

(Use the Mean Center for the US Population 1790 2000 Map)



  1. Where do you predict the population center of the US will be in 2050 if the current trend continues?