Primary Sources: Motion Pictures



Workshop Objectives

By the end of the Primary Sources: Sound workshop, each participant will be able to:

1.      identify movie file formats used in American Memory and the programs needed to view each file type.

2.      locate the motion picture files in the American Memory collection.

3.      view and download American Memory motion picture files from the American Memory collection.

4.      utilize the graphic organizer to analyze a motion picture.


Workshop Outline

I.                   Introduction to Motion Picture files in American Memory


Handouts:  Collections that contain motion picture files

                  Viewing and Using American Memory Movie Clips


a.      American Memory Motion Picture File Formats

                                                               i.      Types of Formats 

1.      .mpg (MPEG)

2.      .mov (QuickTime)

3.      .mov3 (QuickTime)

4.      .ram  .rm (RealMedia)


                                                             ii.      Viewing to Motion Picture Files:  Media Players

1.      RealPlayer  (.rm  .ram  .mpg)

2.      QuickTime Media Player (.mov  .mpg )

Note:  (Requires downloading the file first.)

3.      Windows Media Player  (.mpg)

Note:  (Requires downloading the file first.)


                                                            iii.      Downloading Motion Picture Files

1.      Identify the file format you will use based on how you will use the file.  Many programs only recognize certain file formats.

2.      Find the item you wish to download.

3.      Right-click on the link to the file.

4.      Left-click on Save Target As.

5.      In the dialog box that appears, browse to the location where you would like to save your motion picture file.


II.                Activity:  Analyzing Motion Picture Primary Resources

Handouts:       Graphic Organizer

                        Using the Graphic Organizer

                        Motion Picture Analysis Worksheet



1.      Select a motion picture that interests you.

2.      With a partner, fill out the Motion Picture Analysis Worksheet.

3.      Read the Using the Graphic Organizer handout. 

4.      Fill out the sections What do you observe? and What do you think you know? on the Graphic Organizer.

5.      View the motion picture.

6.      Fill out the last section of the Graphic Organizer, What do you want to find out?

7.      Share your information with the rest of the group.



            Handout:  Video in PowerPoint