Analyzing a Primary Source Photograph Plan



Objectives:† By the end of the Analyzing a Primary Source Photograph activity participants will be able to:

1.      effectively use the Thinking About Primary Sources graphic organizer to analyze a photographic image.

2.      locate and save digital images from American Memory collections.



        Using Critical Thinking Skills: Analyzing Primary Source Materials

        Thinking About Primary Sources graphic organizer

        One 8 X 10 photograph from American Memory per group

        Computer with Internet access



1.      Divide participants into groups of 3 Ė 5.

2.      Pass out the handouts (briefly go over each).

3.      Give each group one 8 X 10 photograph.

4.      Each group should analyze the photo using the handouts.

        What do you observe in the photo?

        What do you think you can assume from the photo?

        What donít you know?† Formulate possible questions.

        What are some search terms you can use to try to locate this photo on the Internet and other information?

5.      After each group has analyzed the photograph, have them go to the American Memory website and try to locate and save (to the My Pictures folder) the photograph.†

        Is there other information available about this photograph or related photographs that will help you answer the questions you have about this photograph?

6.      †Ask each group to share their photograph including what they know and think they know about their photo.† Ask them what search terms they used to try to locate more information on their photo.