Primary Sources: Digital Images


Workshop Objectives

By the end of the Primary Sources: Digital Images Workshop, each participant will be able to:

1.      identify different file formats used with digital images.

2.      locate and save digital images from the American Memory collections.

3.      cite several ways primary sources digital images can enhance classroom instruction.

4.      utilize LOC resources to create lessons that give students the opportunity to practice using critical thinking skills.


Workshop Outline

I.                   Digital Images

a.       Digital Image File Formats

                                                               i.      PowerPoint: Making Sense of Digital Images

                                                             ii.      Handout:  Graphic Image Format Chart

                                                            iii.      Handout:  Digital Image File Format Comparison

                                                           iv.      Printed Photo Comparison (Children Playing in Sand)

    Pass around the printed photos (minor visible difference)


b.      Activity:  Image Quality Comparison (displayed on a computer) (Activity Plan)


II.                American Memory Digital Images

a.       Discussion:  Images: Focus on the details!

b.      Searching for Images in American Memory

Path:  Learning Page / Getting Started / How to / Search

Selections included are:

    American Memory Search

    Pathfinders for Browsing

    Search Tools

        Finding Items in American Memory

        Synonym List

        Searching Tips for American Memory

        Searching Full Text in American Memory

        What American Memory Resources are Included in this Search?


c.       Activity:  Analyzing a Primary Source Photograph  (Activity Plan)