Holiday WebQuest Lesson Plan


Target Audience: 3-5 grade Social Studies and Language Arts


Objective: The student will

1.        Research individually a holiday from the WebQuest by completing the Holiday Research Worksheet.

2.       Complete a map of the selected holiday with your group.

3.       Write a 3-paragraph essay with your group.

4.       Present an oral report with your group.

The above 4 objectives will be assessed using the Holiday WebQuest Rubric.  For mastery, a minimum score of 10 points is required for mastery

5.       Work together as a team achieving a minimum of 16 points on the Team Work Rubric for mastery.


South Carolina Curriculum Standards

Social Studies: Grade 4

            III. People, Places and Environments: Geography

            4.6.3 The learner will demonstrate an understanding of the world in spatial terms. The student should be able to display spatial information on maps and other geographic representations.


Language Arts: Grade 4

            Reading (R): The student will draw upon a variety of strategies to comprehend, interpret, analyze, and evaluate what he or she reads.

            R1: The student will integrate various cues and strategies to comprehend what he or she reads.

4-R1.3 Demonstrate the ability to make connections between a text read independently and his or her prior knowledge, other texts, and the world

4-R1.4 Demonstrate the ability to summarize texts.

4-R1.5 Begin paraphrasing texts.

4-R1.7 Demonstrate the ability to ask and answer questions about texts.

4-R1.18 Demonstrate the ability to compare and contrast his or her findings on a particular topic after having extracted that information from two or more pieces of graphic or written material

Materials: computer, Internet, poster board, markers, glue, scissors, construction paper, color printer, ruler, props


Description: During the social studies lesson, the teacher will explain that a holiday is a special day for remembering a person or event of importance. After asking the students to discuss holidays that they are familiar with, the teacher will explain that other countries celebrate similar and different holidays in various and unique ways.  The students will be divided into five work groups, where they will first select a holiday to research using the WebQuest.  They will then be expected to research the selected holiday using the enclosed worksheet.  This research will be done individually by each student within a work group.  Once this research is completed, the group will come back together to share their information and complete the remaining three tasks.  Following the instructions contained in the WebQuest, the groups will make a colorful map of the country represented by their holiday (this will be used in their oral presentation).  The group will then write a three-paragraph essay detailing their holiday.  The final task will be an oral presentation using their map, costumes, objects, games, or any other props needed to “Show their Holiday”.  The project will take three weeks for the groups to complete.  During the first week, the groups will select their holiday. The group’s holiday choice will be presented to the teacher to assure that no two groups have selected the same holiday.  The students will then complete their individual research using the websites contained in the WebQuest for their holiday.  During the second week the groups will reassemble to share their information, make the map, and begin gathering their necessary props.  The third week will have the groups completing their written essay and making their oral presentation.  Each group will use the Oral Presentation Checklist when planning and preparing their oral report. The rubric contained in the WebQuest will be used for the evaluation of the projects. There is also another rubric for the teacher to evaluate each student’s teamwork.


Evaluation: The teacher will use the 2 rubrics from the WebQuest to evaluate the four objectives. The Teamwork Rubric assesses how each works in a group. The teacher will use this rubric by observing the student’s performance during the three week project. The Holidays WebQuest Rubric assesses.


After all of the presentations, the students will use the ballot to vote on their favorite holiday – not voting for the one they presented. On the ballot they have to state why they chose this holiday.

The teacher may choose to have a class celebration of the winning holiday.

The students could then do another activity where they learn more about the country whose holiday they selected. This could include food, dress, customs, government, etc.