Compare and Contrast

Past and Present


Essential Question: How do pictures from the past compare to pictures from the present? How do they contrast?

Topic: Comparing and Contrasting

Subject: Elementary Resource (2-6) 

Curriculum Standards:

        3-R1.9 Draw conclusions and make inferences

        3-R1.14 Use graphic organizers, graphic representation

         3-R1.16 Compare and Contrast              



Click on the each title and use the pictures to follow the directions below.

*     Basketball Players

*     Fall Parades

*     Airplanes


At each site you need to do the following:

*     Use your Double Bubble Map to compare and contrast each site. 

On your map make sure that you include:

*     How these pictures are the same. (at least three things)

*     How these pictures are different. (at least three things)

*     On the back of your map answer the following question:

*     Which picture would you rather be in? Why?

Extension or enrichment activity

If you finish early, you may take your double bubble map and write a paragraph about how the two pictures are the same and how they are different.



See Rubric for Double Bubble Map