The problem:

You are a private detective, and a client has approached you with an interesting problem. This client has discovered an envelope with old photographs, and would like to have some questions answered about the images. You must complete all questions for at least three of the photographs.

Your task:

Look very carefully at each photograph and answer the questions for each image.  First, make a list of keywords you might use to look up information using one of the online reference tools. Then, use one of the reference tools to look up your keyword. Here's a clue to get you started - all of the photographs deal with an important event in United States History.


In addition to the pictures and questions, hidden hints are available.  Use your mouse to highlight the box next to the hint, and the text will appear.  In the example below, the area you are to highlight is in yellow.  The actual hints will not be yellow.

Example:  Hint: Congratulations!  You have revealed the hint!