Writing Project 2

EDFO 200 Colloquium

EDFO 200 Colloquium is an introduction to the teacher education program policies, assessment system procedures and professional dispositions. This course is required before admission to art, early childhood, elementary, middle level, physical education, secondary and special education programs.

Please follow the below steps for successful completion of this course:

  • Complete each of the four modules outlined below (links to documents are highlighted)
    • You must score 80 percent or above on each quiz and PRINT your score page(s)
  • Complete, print and bring to your advisor the EDFO 200 Student Cover Sheet, along with your quiz score sheets (you must score an 80 percent or above on each) and progressivism essay before the end of the scheduled section/course. 

  • Technology Cautions:
    • Once you take a quiz, you MUST either click "logout" in the top right corner of the quiz page BEFORE clicking to open a new quiz or shut down your web browser completely (close all windows/tabs) and return to this page to take another quiz or to repeat a quiz.The quiz codes will NOT appear unless you logout or close your web browser completely and return.