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ADEPT E-Portfolio

The ADEPT electronic portfolio is a capstone assessment completed by ALL education majors at three different benchmarks in the program (initial, pre-student teaching, and exit).  All of the necessary technology directions, templates, rubrics, guidelines, surveys, and other documents are located below.

Please note that your Pre-Student Teaching Portfolio is due to your advisor prior to the end of your semester before student teaching (before classes end and exams begin). It is your responsibility to contact your advisor to establish a firm deadline, etc. No student may student teach without a "satisfactory" rating for his/her portfolio.

Portfolio Directions Overview:

  • Download the appropriate portfolio template from below: initial, pre-student, or exit;
  • Complete the demographic information on page one;
  • Attach your philosophy of education, your Standards of Professional Conduct & Dispositions self-assessment data (found below), a copy of your Initial or Pre-Student Teaching Portfolio Evaluation from the previous semester if applicable, and a copy of the Standards of Professional Conduct & Dispositions Faculty Assessment from your initial portfolio instructor (effective fall 2010);
  • Complete 5 APSs for Initial; 10 APSs for Prestudent Teaching; and all 4 ADEPT Domains and full TWS for Exit;
  • Zip folder and e-mail to your instructor - if your file exceeds e-mail allowances, please provide it on a jumpdrive to your instructor who will return your jumpdrive.


Technology Directions for Preparing Your Portfolio Electronically:


ADEPT E-Portfolio Templates:

ADEPT E-Port Guidelines for all three levels (Initial, Pre-Student Teaching, and Exit)  

ADEPT E-Port Rubrics:

"Standards of Professional Conduct & Dispositions Self-Assessment" (for student access only)
This form needs to be completed, copied & pasted into Word, and included in your portfolio - after you click submit, the results will be e-mailed to your account - this is what you will include in your portfolio.  You must complete the form each time you submit your portfolio.