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 Evaluation of USC Upstate
Teacher Education Program by Cooperating Teachers

Based on your experience with USC Upstate student teachers, please select the rating that most closely corresponds with your opinion.  The scale is as follows:

1= Strongly Disagree     2= Tend to Disagree     3= Tend to Agree      4 = Strongly Agree   

1. Given my experience as a cooperating teacher for USC Upstate student teachers, I would evaluate the teacher education program as providing students with:

    a. an adequate background in human growth & development

    b. sufficient depth in the content area(s) to present material accurately & thoroughly
    c. the ability to assess student learning both before & after instruction
    d. skill at planning & organizing instruction
    e. strategies & techniques for appropriately presenting subject matter
    f. adequate isntruction in classroom management
    g. necessary human relations skills (respect, fairness, multiculturalism, compassion)


 2a. How many USC Upstate student teachers have you supervised in the past five years?  
 2b. Based on your experience, select the response which most accurately describes your overall rating of the quality of USC Upstate student teachers? 
 3. Do you have any suggestions for the improvement of the USC Upstate ADEPT program? Comments: 
 4. Do you have any suggestions for the improvement of the USC Upstate teacher education program? Comments: 
 Grade Level:  
 Subject Area: