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Application to Directed Teaching 

Sumter Placements Only

Part I of II: Spring 2018 Candidates 

ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS - To be eligible for Directed Teaching, all education majors must be fully admitted to the professional program, have a cumulative GPR of at least 2.5, have earned at least 90 semester hours, and have met all professional program requirements except Directed Teaching. All students should have completed all areas of content concentration courses prior to student teaching. A grade of C or better is required in all professional education courses and content concentration courses. Professional education and content concentration courses in which a grade below C is earned must be made up prior to enrolling in Directed Teaching. Should you choose to delay your Directed Teaching experience or become academically ineligible, you must notify the Director of Field Experiences immediately.

  • APPLICATION AND PLACEMENT PROCEDURES - Candidates complete the Application for Directed Teaching and meet with their advisor who completes and signs the appropriate section in Part II of the application.  Candidates must submit the completed Part I and Part II of the Application for Directed Teaching as well as the State Department of Education online Application for Certification with the $105 application fee and fingerprints by April 14, 2017. The School of Education will contact school districts/counties and notify candidates when placements have been made. (NOTE:  This usually takes about two months.) Candidates are not to contact classroom teachers or school administrators.


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Indicate if you have had any serious illness during the past 24 months or any mental or physical problems which might affect your effectiveness as a candidate enrolled in Directed Teaching:  

*Normally, candidates may not teach in a school they have attended within the last ten years or in a school where they have family members. Please list any schools in which you should not be placed according to these criteria in the corresponding space above.