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Middle Level Directed Teaching Evaluation Addendum

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Using a 0 -2 scale with 0 being "does not meet standard" and 2 being "goal", please complete the following:

2 - "Goal"         1 - "Meets Standard"        0 - "Does Not Meet Standard"

The Middle Level Teacher Candidate...

Standard 1:  Young Adolescent Development  
1)  Demonstrates an understanding of young adolescent development.
2)  Demonstrates an understanding of the implications of diversity on the development of young adolescents.
3)  Uses his/her knowledge of young adolescent development when planning/implementing curriculum & selecting/using instructional strategies.
4)  Uses his/her knowledge of young adolescent development when making decisions about his/her respective role in creating/maintaining responsive learning environments.
Standard 2:  Middle Level Curriculum   
5)  Demonstrates a depth & breadth of subject matter content knowledge.
6)  Uses his/her knowledge of local, state, national, and common core standards to frame his/her teaching.
7)  Demonstrates the interdisciplinary nature of knowledge by helping all young adolescents make connections among subject areas.
Standard 3:  Middle Level Philosophy & School Organization  
8)  Demonstrates an understanding of the philosophical foundations of developmentally responsive middle level programs/schools.
9)  Uses his/her knowledge of the effective components of middle level programs to foster equitable educational practices and to enhance the learning for all students.
Standard 4:  Middle Level Instruction and Assessment  
10)  Uses his/her knowledge of instruction and assessment strategies that are effective in the subjects he/she teaches.
11)  Employs a wide variety of effective teaching, learning, and assessment strategies.
12)  Develops and administers assessments and uses them as formative and summative tools.
13)  Demonstrates his/her ability to motivate all young adolescents and facilitates their learning through a wide variety of developmentally responsive materials & resources.
Standard 5:  Middle Level Professional Roles  
14)  Understands, reflects on, and is successful in his/her unique role as a middle level professional.
15)  Serves as an advocate for all young adolescents and for developmentally responsive schooling practices.
16)  Understands and values the ways diverse family structures & cultural backgrounds influence and enrich learning.
17)  Demonstrates positive orientation toward teaching young adolescents & models high standards of ethical behavior & professional competence.
**all components must be scored at a meets standard or higher to continue.