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 Teacher Work Sample
Special Education - Learning Disabilities

Rating Indicators:  Indicator Met:  4-5 points;   Indicator Partially Met:  2-3 points;  Indicator Not Met:  0-1 points


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I.   Contextual Factors:
A.  Community Level
B.  School Level
C.  Classroom Level
D.  Student Level
II.  Instructional Planning:
A.  Alignment w/Curriculum & Learning Goals
B.  Sample
C.  Design
D.  Procedure
E.  Data Analysis & Presentation
III.  Results-Evidence of Impact on Student
IV:  Reflection & Professional Implications:
Overall Rating:

55-50 Exemplary, 49-44 More than Satisfactory, 43-39 Satisfactory, 38 and below Unsatisfactory