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Learning Disability Program ADEPT & CEC Practicum Observation Form


Person Observed
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Host Teacher
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Indicate one of the following ratings stated below for each item.

  • Leave blank if the behavior was not observed but it was not needed
  • 1 if observed
  • 0 if not observed and it was needed
  • N if there is no evidence to the contrary

ADEPT and CEC Performance Standards


APS 4 - Establishing/Maintaining High Expectations for Learners & CEC 5 Learning Environments & Social Interaction
 Clarifies objectives/assessments at beginning
 Establishes, communicates, & maintains high expectations for achievement
 Communicates high expectations for participation & helps all students assume responsibility for participation & learning
 Instructional objectives are challenging & appropriate
 Establishes & maintains rapport
APS 5 & CEC 4 - Using Strategies to Facilitate Learning
 Uses appropriate instructional strategies
 Uses a variety of instructional strategies
 Uses instrucational strategies effectively
 Accommodates varied learning styles/rates of learning
 Uses appropriate questioning and wait time
 Encourages higher level thinking/problem-solving
 Uses varied instructional groupings
APS 6 - Providing Content & CEC 4 Instructional Strategies
 Teachers appropriate standards-related content
 Demonstrates a thorough command of the discipline taught
 Structures the content to promote meaningful learning
 Maintains a suitable pace
 Gives clear explanations, examples, models
 Materials are free from errors
 Uses Appropriate English mechanics in speech & writing
 Guides students in identifying & organizing critical content
 Facilitates maintenance & generalization of skills
APS 7 - Monitoring & Enhancing Learning & CEC 7 Planning
 Continually moves around the room & monitors student learning
 Uses a variety of informal & formal assessment strategies
 Adjusts pace/sequence/level as needed
 Uses information from assessments to guide instruction
 Provides feedback appropriately 
 Reviews & summarizes appropriately
APS 8 - Maintaining an Environment that Promotes Learning & CEC 5 Learning Environments/Social Interactions
 Maintains the physical environment as a safe place that is conducive to learning
 Creates & maintains a positive affective climate
 Creates & maintains a culture of learning in the classroom
 All students can see & hear adequately
 Provides methods for individual success in 1-1, small and/or large group settings
 Creates environment for all to retain & appreciate their own & others' language & cultural heritage
APS 9 - Managing the Classroom & CEC 5
 Makes maximal use of instructional time
 Rules for behavior are evident & enforced consistently
 Shows firm, fair, consistent classroom management
 Uses preventive techniques
 Uses effective transitions
 Maintains student attention & interest
 Manages materials, resources, & technologies effectively
 Teaches/promotes self-advocacy
APS 10 & CEC 9 - Fulfilling Professional Responsibilities
 Is an effective communicator
 Exhibits professional demeanor & behavior
 Dresses professionally
 Uses professional "teacher" language
 Is on time & prepared
 Fosters an appreciation of individual differences
 Accepts constructive criticism & suggestions appropriately
 Exercises sound judgment
 Takes initiative
Other & CEC 7 Instructional Planning
 Lesson plans are present & appropriate
 Lessons shows creativity
 Lesson shows knowledge of the students' interests, levels, & needs
 Lesson integrates affective, social, & life skills with academic curricula
 Resources respond to cultural, linguistic, age, & gender differences
 Procedures include task analysis