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 USC Upstate/USC Lancaster Teacher Education Collaborative

Candidate Information Form

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 Last Name:   First:   MI:  
 Address:  Date of Birth: 
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 Telephone:   Cell Phone:  
 Degree/Cert. Area:   Present GPA:  

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 Please check all courses you have completed with a "C" or better.  If you have not taken a course, but believe you have taken an equivalent, please list the course beside the required course.


 COURSE: Course Equivalent:
 English 101  
 English 102  
 Speech 202  
 Math 121  
 Math 231  
 Math 232  
 Math 233  
 Art History  
 Music Appreciation  
  Western Civilization 
 Any Philosophy  
 American Government  

 Intro. to Sociology 

 Intro. to Psychology  
  Intro. to Geography 
 Intro. to Anthropology  
 Physcial Science w/Lab  
 Chemistry w/Lab 
 Geology or Astronomy  
 Non-Western Civilization  
 Intro. to Computers   
 Foreign Language 102  
 Children's Literature  
 Elective - first  
 Elective - second