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Frequently Asked Questions

Besides taking classes, what do I have to do to earn my initial teacher certification in P.E.?
Admittance to the School of Education professional program is the first step towards certification. The process involves several checkpoints. For more information, visit our website. Interested students should speak to Dr. Jim Kamla and sign up for EDFO 210: Foundations of Education to find out about the profession.

I'm interested in Physical Therapy. Can I major in exercise and sport science and be prepared to apply for PT school on time? 
The Exercise and Sport Science degree plan includes an option for a health sciences emphasis, which could include the prerequisites for physical therapy or other health-related professions. Students selecting this option can generally graduate in four years if they declare the EXSC major in their first two years.

What are my career options if I choose the Exercise and Sport Science degree? 
A variety of careers in fitness, health and sports are available. A listing and description of these can be found on our careers page. Students in the exercise/sport science concentration are prepared to take national certification exams, which will dramatically improve their job prospects.

Can I become an athletic trainer with the exercise and sport science degree plan?  
The EXSC department is not accredited to graduate athletic trainers; however, with the right prerequisites, graduates can apply to graduate programs in athletic training. Most graduate programs in South Carolina only accept students with undergraduate degrees in athletic training, but a number of other programs accept applicants from other fields. The CAATE website has a listing of entry level masters (ELM) programs across the nation.

I have an interest in sports and P.E., but I like my current major.  Are there classes I can take in your major that would benefit me? 
The program added a minor in Strength and Conditioning in 2011. This 21 hour minor includes background coursework and specific preparation for the National Strength and Conditioning Association's Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist exam, which is offered on campus by the NSCA each January. 

I already work full-time as a teacher in another field. Can you help me get certified to teach P.E.?

Yes. You must first contact the South Carolina State Department to get a list of what classes will be necessary to make this transition. The proper forms can be found on their website. You can then meet with an advisor on campus to decide how best to take the necessary classes. 

I would like to have an exercise/sport science student intern with my organization. Who do I contact?
Exercise/sport science students complete both a 100-hour field experience, during which sophomores and juniors gain a basic understanding of the profession and a 200-hour internship, which prepares graduating seniors to perform in many professional roles in their future profession. If you would like to be included on our list of approved internship sites, contact Dr. Ben Snyder.

I plan to transfer to Upstate from another institution. Will I still be able to graduate on time majoring in P.E. or exercise and sport science?
We often have transfer students interested in the major and most graduate in a reasonable time frame. Transfer classes are evaluated on a case by case basis and we can often match what you have taken with similar classes at Upstate. Students transferring from a community college should investigate the University's Direct Connect program to find out how the process can be made easier.

Can I become a coach with a physical education degree?
Many athletic coaches in the public school system also teach physical education. Because of the need for high quality PE teachers, we strongly encourage our students to make teaching their priority. If coaching is your primary interest, students in your P.E. classes may not receive the outstanding instruction they deserve.

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