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Physical Education Teacher Education Careers  

Physical Education Teacher
Duties: Teach children from 5-18 the importance of physical fitness, and how to engage in healthy behaviors throughout their lifespan. Students who complete the PETE curriculum at Upstate and pass the state's Praxis II exam are certified to teach Physical Education. The curriculum focuses on reflective teaching, learner centered pedagogy, performance-based assessment, commitment to diversity, and professionalism. The National Association for Sport and Physical Education is an important resource and has included the program at Upstate among its recognized programs. Education: B.S., Teacher Certification. Please contact Dr. Kamla to discuss possible options.

Exercise and Sport Science Careers  

The Exercise and Sport Science concentration at USC Upstate prepares students for a variety of fitness and performance-related careers.  This non-teaching certificate degree includes a choice of 5 minors to enhance your knowledge and provides preparation for two of the most well-respected certifications in the field.  Please contact Dr. Snyder to discuss possible options.      

Strength and Conditioning Specialist
Duties: Maximize athletic potential by designing comprehensive, individualized conditioning programs for year-round improvements at all levels of sports.  The Exercise and Sport Science degree includes a class to prepare students for the NSCA’s Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist exam, which is the most respected certification in the field. Students may apply to the NSCA for a paid internship with a registered strength coach, including our own Scott Senger. Education: B.S., Certification.  Info: National Strength and Conditioning Association:        

Physical Therapist
Duties: Assist patients in their recovery from orthopedic injuries.  The Exercise and Sport Science concentration includes a cognate option which allows prerequisites for Physical Therapy school to count towards the 120 hour degree.  Education: Doctor of P.T.  Information:      

Fitness Professional/Personal Trainer
Duties: Get results!  Design and implement cutting edge exercise programs that safely and effectively accomplish your clients’ goals.  The Exercise and Sport Science Degree prepares students to take the ACSM’s Health and Fitness Specialist exam, the top certification in the field. Education: B.S., Certification.  Recommended minor: Business Administration.    

Cardiac Rehabilitation
Duties:  Supervise exercise programs and lifestyle modification education for victims of heart disease following surgery or other treatment.  An individual choosing to pursue Cardiac Rehabilitation usually possesses a strong background and interest in Exercise Physiology.    Education: B.S., M.S., Certification.  Info:  CACR or the AACVPR: 

Corporate Wellness
Duties: Run the corporate fitness center.  Minimize the bottom line by educating employees on healthy habits and overseeing exercise programs. Education: B.S., Certification.    

Exercise Physiologist
Duties: Push the boundaries of understanding in the field by asking questions and finding the answers through research and practice.  E.P.’s are employed in a variety of fitness settings, including universities  Education:  B.S., M.S, or Ph.D., Information:  American College of Sports Medicine:    

Sport Nutritionist
Duties: Employ a wide range of knowledge to enhance athletic performance through optimal nutrition.  Master the ins and outs of sports supplements and use them only when effective and legal.  Education: M.S., Registered Dietician.  Info: American Dietetic Association.  Also check out the website of the Gatorade Sports Science Institute.    

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