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Teaching Man Program

Male Teachers in High Demand...
Education is an emerging trend for male college students. Male teachers are a hot commodity and very in demand by schools all around the country. In fact, many school districts begin recruiting male education majors from their freshman years. The need for male teachers is real.    

Did you know:  

  • There are five million teachers in the United States    
  • Only two percent of the nation’s teachers are African American males    
  • In South Carolina, there are more than 49,000 teachers    
  • Approximately 8,000 of  South Carolina’s teachers are male    
  • Only 1,000 of those teachers are African American males  

The Teaching Man Program at USC Upstate is designed to support and increase the productivity of male students interested in majoring in teacher education. It is through Teaching Man that USC Upstate male preservice teachers will gain a heightened visibility and preparation as teacher leaders, and serve as ambassadors for teacher education.  

Benefits of the Teaching Man Program:      

  • A mentoring component that enables you to a become strong teacher and leader    
  • A leadership curriculum that exposes you to current leadership trends and issues     
  • Opportunities to attend workshops focusing on leadership, personal finance and etiquette     
  • Assignment to serve as a mentor to a minority high school student    

To learn more, contact Dr. Holly Pae at 864-503-5556 or Isaac McKissick at 864-503-5560.      


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