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The USC Upstate Honors Program underscores the commitment of USC Upstate to academic excellence and the life of the mind. The Honors Program offers enhanced educational opportunities tailored to the needs, aspirations and motivations of students with outstanding intellectual and creative abilities. By bringing together talented students with dedicated and accomplished professors in small classes and individual research settings, the Honors Program creates a community united by a passion for learning and driven by a hunger for knowledge.

The Honors Program features traditional honors course work oriented toward interdisciplinary approaches to problem solving. Honors students complete research projects, internships and service learning activities that challenge them to reach their full potential and to imagine ever more ambitious goals for themselves and their world. The program also enriches the learning experience with study abroad opportunities, research assistantships, faculty and community mentoring and a range of co-curricular activities and experiences that build a shared sense of intellectual curiosity and achievement of the highest standards of academic excellence.

The goals of the USC Upstate Honors Program are as follows:

  • To encourage an intellectual orientation by providing a challenging curriculum that emphasizes critical thinking, creative and active learning, integration of academic disciplines, in-depth exploration of new fields of study and application of learning to other environments;
  • To develop the skills and qualities necessary for leadership both at USC Upstate and in the larger community through an emphasis on service learning and public presentations;
  • To provide a center of intellectual identity and community; and,
  • To meet the needs of outstanding students for engagement and intellectual pursuits beyond the classroom walls.

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