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Honors Students and General Education

All graduates of USC Upstate should demonstrate five core competencies as described in the "Academic Programs" section of the Academic Catalog. These competencies include the following:

  1. The ability to communicate effectively in English in writing and orally,
  2. Comprehension and application of scientific and quantitative reasoning, 
  3. Critical thinking and integration of information, 
  4. Understanding and awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity, and
  5. Facility with information technology.

A USC Upstate honors student must develop and refine these competencies by completing a coherent set of introductory-level courses which may be drawn from both honors and regular course offerings.

Honors students are encouraged to take an interdisciplinary approach to the general education competencies by enrolling in Honors Arts and Humanities, Honors Natural Science and Mathematics, Honors Social and Behavioral Sciences, the Honors General Education Tutorials and special honors courses.

Students will coordinate with the director of the Honors Program and their major advisors to satisfy the general education competency requirements through no fewer than 30 credit hours in general education courses, including at least one course in each of the three main divisions: the humanities and fine arts, social and behavioral sciences, and natural sciences and mathematics.

In addition, students must fulfill any particular general education requirements that serve as foundational courses for their designated major. For example, an honors student majoring in biology must complete pre-calculus I and II as well as general chemistry and general chemistry and qualitative analysis. Working with their major advisors, honors students will identify these courses by the end of their first year at USC Upstate.

Honors Students and Major Requirements

In addition to completing the honors course of study, honors students select an academic major and fulfill the requirements of that major. Courses designated as honors courses, such as BIO 110H or ENG 102H, can substitute for non-honors courses. Special honors courses, tutorials or internships may substitute for comparable general education courses or courses in the major program of study, or they may apply toward the honors minor or serve as electives. Honors students will work in coordination with the director of the Honors Program and their major advisor to fulfill the requirements of both their major and their honors minor. 

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