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The Johnson College of Business and Economics is involved in the process of planning for the future. In order to better serve our various stakeholders, we need your help. We’d like to know what initiatives you think should be our priorities for the future.

Please read the following list of initiatives for the Johnson College of Business and Economics and select the top three that you think we should focus on in the 2012-2013 academic year. You should place a checkmark beside the three initiatives you find most important from the list below.  

Student Success  

Catalyst for Innovative Business Thinking 


Experiential Learning  

Economic Development 

New Program Development

 Program Expansion

In order to classify responses, please tell us about yourself.  Are you a


If Student or Alumni

Graduation/ Expected Graduation Year:

Do you Currently 




 Optional Questions:

Do you have suggestions for additional initiatives that you feel the Johnson College should consider as priorities?

Do you have other comments you would like to make about the Johnson College?

We’d like to have an opportunity to contact those who participate if we have further questions. If you would like us to be able to contact you, please give us your contact information.


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