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The Metropolitan Studies Institute

Founded in 1967, USC Upstate continues striving toward its vision to become one of the Southeast’s leading “metropolitan” universities. ... a university which acknowledges as its fundamental reason for being its relationship to its surrounding cities, their connecting corridors and expanding populations. It aims to be recognized nationally among its peer metropolitan institutions for its excellence in education and commitment to its students, for its involvement in the Upstate, for its operational and managerial effectiveness, for its civility and common purpose, and for the clarity and integrity of its mission.

The mission of USC Upstate’s Metropolitan Studies Institute (MSI) is to support research efforts between USC Upstate and the community, enhancing relationships, promoting the reciprocal flow of information and ideas, assisting community and economic development, and increasing the strategic use of the University’s scholarship and outreach capabilities.  The MSI engages in selected community-based research and assessment projects, notable among them the Spartanburg Community Indicators Project, and partners with community agencies to undertake program evaluations, needs assessments, feasibility studies, and data management projects.

Community Indicators

Spartanburg Community Indicators:
In 2005, the Spartanburg County Foundation and the United Way of the Piedmont released Community Indicators VI: Strategic Spartanburg.   The sixth edition was a culmination of many hours of discussion and research which has resulted in a community-wide project focused on the quality of life for all citizens in our community.  Transitioning the data collection and assessment component of the Community Indicators Project to the Metropolitan Studies Institute has allowed for a more comprehensive assessment of the status of each goal, via examination of a wider variety of indicators.

Spartanburg Community Indicator Areas of Focus:


  • Economy
  • Social Environment
  • Education
  • Health
  • Natural Environment
  • Community Engagement


Indicator Reports for the above listed areas can be found on the Spartanburg Community Indicators Project website.


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