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Dr. Sebastian van Delden

Sebastian van DeldenThree primary themes govern my approach to providing a high-quality educational experience to undergraduate students: (1) Weaving humor and ‘real-world’ examples into classroom material so that the students feel comfortable engaging in an active-learning environment; (2) providing extra-curricular research and scholarly opportunities so that students can apply what they have learned to solving new and challenging problems; (3) assisting students in securing a challenging and rewarding career after graduation. Additionally, outside of the classroom, I believe all faculty should pride themselves on being good role models for students by exhibiting love of country, community, school and family.

Dr. Judy Beck

Judy BeckIn each of the classes I teach, I believe in modeling the ‘best practices’ as described in educational research. The learner is an active participant in the learning process, and I am a facilitator to his/her learning. My classroom is a place where ideas will be challenged.  Therefore, the classroom environment must be conducive to risk-taking. Toward that end, we spend time engaging in ‘getting to know you’ and team-building activities. These activities pave the way for the rest of the semester in which students participate in cooperative learning exercises, small and large group discussions, projects, presentations and self- and peer evaluation. I hold high expectations for all of my students while giving support to help students meet these expectations.    

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