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South Carolina Resident Certification

If you believe you are a legal resident of South Carolina, you must complete and return a Residency Certification Form as soon as possible. This will determine if you qualify for “in-state” tuition and if you may be considered for South Carolina resident scholarships. If more information is needed to verify your residency status, you will be notified.

Instructions: Please download the SC Residency Certification Form here and save it to your computer. After saving, fill out the form on your computer, save the form again, and e-mail it as an attachment to dstewart@uscupstate.edu with your name and "SC Resident Certification" in the subject of the e-mail. You will need to complete the entire form, including the digital signature process at the bottom of the form. (only the last four digits of you Social Security number are required). 

Note: The "save" function works only with Adobe Acrobat Professional. If you are unable to save the file to your computer, please print the form and mail it to the attention of Donette Stewart at the address listed on the top of the form.  

If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact us at (864) 503-5246 or by e-mail, admissions@uscupstate.edu.