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ActivInspire - Promethean ActivBoard Software 

Overview: (in Promethean’s words) 

Promethean's award-winning software, ActivInspire, enables teachers to bring lessons to life via their interactive, multi-media whiteboard. Enhance group collaboration and teamwork in the classroom using Promethean's Learner Response Systems and create differentiated lessons filled with rich, powerful activities to grab the attention of the whole class. 

Features: (Why should I use this?)

  • Creates collaborative ActivBoard presentations 
  • Provides on-screen active tools at your fingertips (manipulatives, content specific diagrams & images, clicker polls, etc.) for active learning 
  • Manages the supplementary ActivExpressions (learner response systems or clickers) 
  • Can be used independent of an ActivBoard making it perfect for conference presentations that include the use of clickers 
  • Much more! 

Available to: (Who can use it?)  

  • All faculty, staff and students 

Rates: (Do I need to pay to use it?)  

    How Do I Get Started?


    Support Tutorials and Troubleshooting

    Additional Resources: (What else is available for me to use?) 

    • Click here to download educator developed ActivInspire Flipcharts by subject area.