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Learning Technologies for Faculty

Technology can be daunting. The Department of Learning Technologies is here to help! Webpages within this section will help faculty members access resources that encourage and inspire them to incorporate technology appropriately in their courses. We believe the following three tips will help improve courses as it relates to educational technology. 

Tip #1: Learning before technology

Why would a department dedicated to technology say this? We believe that you should analyze whether your course activities connect with your learning objectives, first. After you feel confident about the types of activities you would like to incorporate, look at the types of available technologies. Remember that technology should make activities easier, not "cooler" or more of a headache! Need help? Ask us about our Instructional Design Service that can help you identify and analyze technology. 

Tip #2: Online courses are different than the physical classroom

Online courses are more than a series of files uploaded into a learning management system. Students expect to have relationships with their professors just like they do in classes that meet in a physical classroom. Faculty members must find ways to cultivate these relationships and engage their students. If you haven't taught online before, or if you need a refresher on your online course building skills, please contact us about the Upstate Online Program. 

Tip #3: Take advantage of university resources

Over recent years, the University has invested in exciting new technologies that have allowed faculty to transform their courses. With access to Microsoft Office365, every student and faculty members has the ability to work collaboratively with one another. The expansion of Echo360 from lecture capture software to an adaptive education company allows faculty members to create interactive, online content and slides that make the content hosted in Blackboard more multimedia friendly. For more information, about Microsoft Office365 or Echo360, please contact us.


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