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Wireless Printing Instructions for Personal Laptop

Windows 7, Vista and XP (click here for Mac Instructions)
The following instructions assume that your laptop or desktop computer is running on the Microsoft Windows XP, Vista or the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system.  Although the ITS Department at USC Upstate will try to assist you in setting this function up on your computer, it is ultimately your responsibility to make sure your computer is operating correctly. 

Installation Instructions
1. Download this exe file for black and white
2. Download this exe file for color
3. Click the “Run” button on the “File Download – Security Warning” popup. If you are running Windows XP skip to step 6.

4. Click on the “Actions” button on the “Internet Explorer—Security Warning” popup.

5. Click "More Options" in the SmartScreenFilter Window.

6. Click on "Run anyway".

7. Click the “Install” button located in the bottom right corner of the “Package “ST-BW-HELD-Q installer” popup window. This process may take several minutes to complete.

8. Click the “Finish” button once the process has completed.

9. Your new Printer will be titled “Upstate-ST-BW-Wireless Printer”

Printing instructions 
1. Choose “Print“ from the drop down menu in the application that you are using.

2. Do not click the Print Icon unless you’ve made the above printer the default printer.  Clicking the Print icon in most programs will send the print job to your default printer.

3. From the drop down menu in the “Print” popup window choose the printer titled “ST-BW-Wireless Printer”

4.Enter your USC Upstate Username and click the “Next” button.  The username is the same one you use to login to any lab computer (e.g. JSmith42)

5.Enter your USC Upstate password. Your password is CasE SeNsiTive

6.Click the “OK” button to accept the charges for your print job.

7.Go to the Printers listed in the ”Print Release Instructions” section and Release your Print Job.

Where to Release Your Print Job
You can release your “Wireless Print Job” at the following locations within 18 hours of the time you printed. Just Visit one of the designated “HP Printers" listed below:

  • Administrative Building Room 109 (also color)
  • CASB Lobby
  • CLC Room 213  (Release Station next to printer)
  • HEC 2007 (also color)
  • HEC 2037 (outside of)
  • Hodge 264
  • HPAC 134 (also color)
  • JCBE (The George) Room 104
  • Kathyn Hicks Visual Arts Center 116
  • Library 117 (also color)
  • Library 24/7 lab (also color)
  • Library Circulation Area (also color)
  • Media 3rd Floor (also color)
  • Palmetto House (Sparty’s Den)
  • Smith Room 416 (also color)
  • UCG Library (also color)

How to Release Your Print Job
After you have printed (per the instructions above), just select the Print Release option from the printer’s console menu. See further instructions here.

** Note: Print jobs time out after 18 hours. So, you have 18 hours from the time you send the print job to release it. After 18 hours, print jobs are deleted from the queue.

You will be prompted to login to the printer by either swiping your USC Upstate ID card or entering your USC Upstate username and password. A list of the print jobs you have sent to the printer will be displayed on the printer’s screen. Select which job you would like to print, and then press the green Start button found near the number pad or press the Print button on the console. Your print job will be deducted from your student printing account balance, just as it would have if you had printed it in a computer lab.

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