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How to Find Your Network Username and Set Your Blackboard Password

Your Network Username is used throughout campus to login to computers,wireless network, and Blackboard. It also makes up the first half of your e-mail address. You can find your Network Username in VIP. It is important to note that the password we set in these instructions is only for Blackboard.

Step 1
Login to VIP at vip.sc.edu. Once you are logged in, click the Technology link found on the left side.

VIP Click Technology

Step 2
Click the Show Me Network Username option.

VIP Click Network Username

Step 3
You will find your username about halfway down the page. Below it you will find boxes for setting your Blackboard password. Your Blackboard password must be 8-14 characters long, and contain an uppercase letter, lowercase letter, and number. Once you have entered your Blackboard password in both boxes, click the Set Password button. You will receive confirmation that your password has been set. If not, click the Back button in your browser and try again, paying special attention to the password requirements.

VIP Set Blackboard PW

Still having trouble? Give the ITS Help Desk a call at (864) 503-5257, e-mail us at helpdesk@uscupstate.edu, or stop by in person in Administration 109. The Help Desk is open Monday - Friday, 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM.