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How to Set Your VIP PIN Online

Please note: Students attending classes from Fall 2013 onwards will no longer use VIP. To register for classes, pay bills, etc. students will use the new system, Self Service Carolina, however, students who attended USC Upstate before Fall 2013 can still use VIP to view their student information.

New students who need to retrieve their four-digit VIP PIN for the first time, and current students who need to reset their PIN, can do so online. All students resetting their PIN online will need to know the following information.

Current students already attending class, former students of any USC campus, students who have applied to any USC campus in the past, and students who have already attempted to reset their PIN online at least once will also need to know the following.

  • Your Blackboard username
  • Your Blackboard password

Step 1
From vip.sc.edu, click the New Student User option found on the right side. It doesn't matter if you are a new or current student, this option will work for everyone.

VIP Click New Student

Step 2
On the next page, click the Set Your PIN button found under option 1.

VIP Click Set PIN

Step 3
Fill in the appropriate information in each step on the next page. Step 1 asks for the last 5 digits of your Social Security Number. Step 2 asks for your legal last name. Step 3 asks for your legal first name. Step 4 asks for your date of birth in the MM/DD/YYYY format. In Step 5, simply click the Reset PIN button when you have entered all of the information in steps 1 through 4.

VIP Reset PIN reset page Steps 1-5

At this point, new students trying to reset their PIN for the very first time will receive a confirmation that your PIN has been e-mailed to you. If this is you, skip to Step 5 below. Current students attending classes, students who have attended class at any USC campus, students who have applied to any USC campus in the past, and students who have tried to reset their VIP PIN online at least once in the past will need to move on to the next screen.

Step 4
Enter your Blackboard username and Blackboard password in Step 6 and 7 respectively. Finally, click the Continue button. If you have filled this information out correctly, you will receive confirmation that your PIN has been e-mailed to you.

VIP PIN Reset page steps 6 -8

Step 5
After receiving confirmation that your PIN has been e-mailed to your USC Upstate e-mail address, login to your e-mail account and retrieve the message containing your temporary PIN. You can login to your USC Upstate e-mail account at outlook.com/email.uscupstate.edu by using your entire e-mail address as the username and your USC Upstate password. Click here if you don't know your e-mail address or need to reset your USC Upstate password.

It can take up to 10 minutes to receive the message from VIP with your new PIN. Once you get your PIN, write it down.

Step 6
With your new, temporary PIN in hand, go back to VIP at vip.sc.edu. Click the Login to VIP link in the middle of the page.

VIP Click Login

Step 7
Click the USC ID/PIN Login & First Time Users tab. This is the tab used to login to VIP using your Social Security Number and four-digit PIN you just received in your e-mail.

VIP Click USC ID tab

Step 8
Enter your Social Security Number in Step 1 and your four-digit PIN in Step 2. Then, click the Login button in Step 4.


Step 9
You'll be asked to create a new, permanent PIN. This should be a four-digit number that you will remember forever, because you don't want to go through all this again.

Students who are unable to reset their VIP PIN online must either visit the Records Office (HEC 2081) in person, or print and fill out the PIN reset form found here. Completed forms can be faxed or mailed to the Records Office. The Records Office can be contacted at (864) 503-5220.