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Reporting a Crime & Emergency Contacts

Reporting a Crime
Report a crime online and confidentially by filling out the Crime Report Form.

Emergency and Officer on Patrol Phone Numbers
From any campus phone, dial 5911 for the police, fire department or medical assistance.

You may also contact University Public Safety 24 hours a day and speak with an officer on patrol if no one available in the office. To reach an officer on patrol, call 864-503-5269, 864-503-9196 or 864-503-5911. You may use one of the emergency call boxes that are located on the outside of most of the buildings.

Emergency Call Boxes
University Public Safety monitors a network of emergency call boxes throughout the campus. Call boxes are phones that are located outside of the buildings and are activated by picking up the receiver. The call automatically reaches the University Public Safety switchboard. The caller should stay on the line when the officer answers so officers can get all of the information needed.

Click here for a complete list of call box locations.

Report Crimes Promptly
The University encourages accurate and prompt reporting of all crimes to University Public Safety and/or local authorities. Any time a crime is reported to someone other than the police department, the information should be passed on to one of the appropriate campus officials who in turn will report it to the proper authorities. The campus officials are as follows:

These people are responsible for making timely warnings to university police for the annual crime statistics.

USC Upstate has two voluntary confidential reporting systems available. One system is accessible from any computer lab or computer that has Internet access. This online information form is on the university police web page under "Provide Online Assistance for Investigations." The form is anonymous when submitted, and reviewed by the chief of police.

The second system available is a small wooden box located outside of the University Villas Housing office with the word "Tips" on it. Anyone is free to provide information confidentially about a crime.


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