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The George (George D. Johnson College of Business) Preliminary Request Form

Please Note: The location of all meeting spaces are 160 East St. John Street, Spartanburg, SC 29303.

Please complete and submit this form to provide information about your event and to request information about room availability. This is not a confirmed reservation. You will receive a response concerning room availability and further instructions.

Fee Rates:

For a classroom or conference room:  Nonprofit- $100.00       For Profit - $200.00

For the Plaza area behind The George to include the grassy tiered hill:  Nonprofit - $500.00   For Profit - $750.00

Fees must be paid 48 hours prior to the event.  Make checks payable to USC Upstate.

Event Information

Event Title: *
Event Date: *
Event Times: *
Event Description:
Anticipated Attendance:  *
Publicity Needs:


Food and Beverage:*


 Please note, if you plan to serve alcohol at your event, the alcohol request form will need to be filled out at least two weeks in advance.

Room Requested:
    (see below)



Rooms Available

Space Type Set-up Amenities Photo
Room 231 Meeting Dean's Conference - 16 seats Credenza, Technology/tv screen /uploadedImages/Campus_Services/Special_Events/Forms/The George 001.jpg
Room 232 Meeting Conference - 16 seats Credenza, Technology/tv screen /uploadedImages/Campus_Services/Special_Events/Forms/The George 002.jpg
Room 250 Training/Lecture Tiered Classroom - 30 seats Technology, 2 tv screens /uploadedImages/Campus_Services/Special_Events/Forms/The George 003.jpg
Room 260 or 270 Training/Lecture Classroom - 40 seats Whiteboard/projector/technology /uploadedImages/Campus_Services/Special_Events/Forms/The George 004.jpg
259 W. Lounge - 2nd FL Social Various seats and tables - 50 seats Seats and Tables /uploadedImages/Campus_Services/Special_Events/Forms/The George 005.jpg
Room 280 Training/Lecture Classroom - 50 seats Whiteboard/projector/technology /uploadedImages/Campus_Services/Special_Events/Forms/The George 007.jpg
Room 291 Meeting Conference - 10 seats Credenza, No technology /uploadedImages/Campus_Services/Special_Events/Forms/The George 008.jpg
Room 233 Meeting Conference - 9 seats No technology /uploadedImages/Campus_Services/Special_Events/Forms/The George 009.jpg
Room 110 Training/Lecture Classroom - 26 seats Whiteboard /uploadedImages/Campus_Services/Special_Events/Forms/The George 011.jpg
1st floor - Street Entrance Social Open Space - round N/A /uploadedImages/Campus_Services/Special_Events/Forms/The George 012.jpg
Room 161 or 164 Small Meeting Small Conference - 6 seats Table with 6 chairs /uploadedImages/Campus_Services/Special_Events/Forms/The George 018.jpg
Student Lounge - 1st FL Social Seats amd Tables Seats and Tables /uploadedImages/Campus_Services/Special_Events/Forms/The George 015.jpg
Room 162 or 163 Small Meeting Small Conference - 8 seats Technology/tv screen /uploadedImages/Campus_Services/Special_Events/Forms/The George 016.jpg
Room 160, 170 or 180 Training/Lecture Classroom - 40 seats Whiteboard/projector/technology /uploadedImages/Campus_Services/Special_Events/Forms/The George 019.jpg
Room 150 Training/Lecture Classroom – 72 seats Whiteboard/technology /uploadedImages/Campus_Services/Special_Events/Forms/The George 020.jpg
Plaza Social Open Space N/A /uploadedImages/Campus_Services/Special_Events/Forms/The George 024.jpg
Plaza Social Open Space N/A /uploadedImages/Campus_Services/Special_Events/Forms/The George 023.jpg

Contact Information

Name of Person in charge of Event:  *
Phone:  *
Email:  *

Please enter your department if you are a USC Upstate employee or your address if you are not an employee.*

Department (if applicable):
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For any additional questions or concerns please contact The George at (503-5312) 864-503-5583 (fax)

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