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Please complete and submit this form to provide preliminary information about your event and to request information about room availability. This is not a confirmed reservation. The Office of Special Events will send you a response concerning room availability and further instructions.

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If you are an employee of USC Upstate and are making a request for a USC Upstate event, please enter your department. Otherwise, please enter the correct name, address, and phone number for billing.

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Dining services handles all food orders for events on campus. No food may be brought in for events unless pre-approved by Sodexho as they have first right of refusal.

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(Contact University Communications with specific event details.)

Any event with over 150 people may require a police officer. Fee $35 per hour, per office. There is no reserved parking.

The following policy is being instituted in an effort to increase security on campus. This policy applies only to after hours and weekend events.
Any room that has been reserved for a meeting or event will not be unlocked until the person in charge of the event has arrived. When that person arrives, they can call the UPD and an officer will be dispatched to open the room. Persons sponsoring an event should arrive 10-15 minutes early to ensure their event will start on time. At the conclusion of the event, the person in charge should lock the door upon their departure and notify the UPD that the event is concluded and everyone is leaving. University Police will then be dispatched to double check the room to ensure it has been secured. Failure by the responsible party to secure the room could result in their organization being denied the after hours use of the facility in the future. University Police: 503-5269

Please remember that this is only a preliminary information request. You will get a response regarding availability.

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