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Grade Forgiveness Policy

During the 2006-2007 academic year, the Student Government Association under the leadership of Michael Berry, proposed a grade forgiveness policy. Faculty senate approved a grade forgiveness policy at the March faculty senate meeting. The policy was then modified in order to meet the requirements of the four senior institutions in the USC system and went into effect in the catalog year 2007-2008.

Course Grade Forgiveness
It is the policy of the University of South Carolina that every currently enrolled fully-admitted, degree-seeking undergraduate earning a “D+”, “D”, “F” or “WF” in a USC course may take up to two (2) undergraduate courses for a second time for the purpose of grade forgiveness. Both the first and second grades shall appear on the USC permanent record, but only the second grade will be used in computing the University of South Carolina cumulative grade point average. An explanatory notice will appear on the record. Once grade forgiveness is applied to a repeated course, the action may not be revoked.

Eligible students wishing to apply the course grade forgiveness policy to a course enrollment may do so at any time during their undergraduate enrollment, but no applications will be honored after the degree is awarded. Grade forgiveness can only be applied once per course for a maximum of two courses (not to exceed 8 credits) on a student’s undergraduate academic record, without regard to the number of degrees sought Under the grade forgiveness policy, the forgiven and repeated class must both be taken at the same USC campus. Courses transferred from other institutions are excluded from this policy.

This policy does not preclude students from repeating classes multiple times, in accordance with program requirements, but only the second attempt at the class may forgive the original grade of D+, D, F, or WF.

Only a regular letter grade can replace a forgiven grade. Grades of “W”, “I”, “S”, “U”, or “AUDIT” may not replace previous grades. Grades carrying an honor code violation sanction of “X” are not eligible for grade forgiveness.

Established requirements for repeating classes, admission to, or progression in, specific academic programs of the University take precedence over the grade forgiveness policy. Program or progression grade point averages are not affected by this policy. Refer to the catalog guidelines for each program for specific requirements.

Courses intended to be repeated for additional credit, such as research or applied music, are not eligible for grade forgiveness. Semester honors (dean’s or president’s honor list), academic standing (scholastic deficiency, probation, suspension), or previous grade point totals will not change retroactively as a result of applying this policy.

Students who have been granted Academic Forgiveness to reset the grade point average after readmission are not eligible for course grade forgiveness. Please refer the bulletin entry for Academic Forgiveness for former USC Students with Less Than a 2.00 Cumulative GPA.

Effective date
The policy went into effect beginning in the fall 2007 term. This means that both the first time the course was taken and the second time must be during or after the fall 2007 semester. Courses taken prior to the fall 2007 term cannot be used for grade forgiveness.

Students wishing to apply for grade forgiveness should come to the records office to pick up the required form. Students must exercise judgment in the use of the grade forgiveness policy as in no case are more than two coursesallowed.Once selected the grade forgiveness cannot be revoked or changed to courses taken later in an academic degree.

Specific Academic Programs
The grade forgiveness policy does not supersede an admission or progression policy of a specific academic program or major. Although the GPA is re-calculated for those two courses that are selected, the original grade is still on the record. If a specific policy for a major requires that a student not be allowed to re-enroll in a course after earning less than a C, it is not effected by the grade forgiveness policy.

Grade failure due to violation of honor code
X, a designator of academic dishonesty, will be available to faculty beginning with the fall 2007 semester. The X suffix will be appropriate if the student is found guilty by the honor court and the faculty elects this sanction for the course. It will not be an option on the grade entry system, but will be the result of working in conjunction with the Dean of Student’s office. Course grades of F, D, D+, with an X designation are not eligible for grade forgiveness.

Example of the record using Grade Forgiveness


Fall 2007Spring 2008
SEGL W101 C SEGL W102 C 
SPSY W101 C SSOC W101 C 
SMTH W121 C SMTH W122 C 
SMUS W110 F SMUS W110 B 
Semester GPA 1.5 Semester GPA 2.25 
Cumulative GPA: 1.875
Recalculated GPA after grade forgiveness: 2.142

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