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Proposed Faculty Manual Changes

November 29, 2010

Chapter 7 Faculty Grievance Procedures

A few revisions have been made to Chapter 7 Faculty Grievance Procedures.  These changes come from consultation with administration  and Advisory.  

Changes are as follows:

Line 16            ADD “within 15 days”

Line 35-36       ADD “Requests for information must occur within 15 days of the petition.”


Chapter 7: Faculty Grievance Procedures


November 10, 2010

Chapter 8 Graduate Faculty Selection and Evaluation Criteria will be deleted from the Faculty Manual.

The precise qualifications, procedures for selection and evaluation of graduate faculty should be determined within each academic unit.  Distinct schools or colleges, disciplinary organizations, and accreditation boards will have the greatest say in graduate program policy.  University faculty have oversight in the creation of a graduate program, just as there is such oversight for any new or revised program, with the revisions to the Academic Affairs Committee, formerly the Executive Academic Affairs Committee.  The wording in Chapter Two approved by Senate 2010 dictates that the Academic Affairs Committee, in consultation with administrators and faculty, is involved in recommending and developing any new or changed graduate programs.  New or changed graduate programs will include the qualifications and status of faculty. 

The following will be included in the Policies & Procedures document:

The Graduate Faculty

All full time faculty with terminal degrees who teach graduate courses at the University of South Carolina Upstate shall be Graduate Faculty.  All faculty who teach graduate courses and are not full time faculty or do not hold a terminal degree shall be Adjunct Graduate Faculty.   Specific criteria and procedures for selection and evaluation of Graduate Faculty and Adjunct Graduate Faculty are determined by individual Academic Unit.

Perhaps at a later date, after the expansion of graduate programs on our campus and their growth, the Faculty Manual will have a meaningful and detailed chapter on Graduate Faculty that reflects actual campus practice.  Until then, we believe it best to rely on individual academic units to make decisions in consultation with the necessary University administration and faculty committees.



November 3, 2010

Chapter 7 Faculty Grievance Procedures

Statement of Explanation

The right to grieve is central to the welfare of the faculty and in turn to the integrity of the institution. For this reason, a chapter largely comprised of policy and procedure will maintain its status as part of the Faculty Manual rather than the forthcoming Policies and Procedures Manual. The revision of the manual to date has had two central themes throughout: simplification and elucidation. As is often the case, achieving one of these goals serves the other. We hope that the revision of Chapter 7 exemplifies such synergy. 

Those familiar with the previous iterations will note that both the process itself and the prose describing it have been abbreviated. The major excisions were a paragraph describing the parameters of time periods, a specific list of greivable matters, and a description of a “pre-grievance” process that created a lengthy, redundant process of review.   Furthermore, we have removed subheadings and re-organized the material so that the revision reads as a more coherent narrative documenting the grievance process, in sequence, from inception to conclusion. Our hope is that the resulting procedure is simpler to understand and implement while retaining its status as an effective tool for resolving faculty concerns. 

Chapter 7: Faculty Grievance Procedures



October 25, 2010

Chapter 3 Employment and Benefits

Statement of Explanation

A few revisions have been made to Chapter 3 Employment and Benefits that was posted on October 4th.  These changes are based on suggestions from Dr. Dowell and Advisory.  The changes are for clarification as well as to update / correct the titles to reflect the Upstate campus.  Changes are as follows (line numbers for added are for the REVISED version for the deleted are for the OLD):

Line 16 – added “Contact the USC Upstate or USC Columbia Office of Human Resources for more information.”

Line 41 – deleted “, state funds permitting”

Line 46 – deleted “and with the approval of the Chancellor”

Line 48 – deleted “Summer school teaching in the case of faculty hired after September 1, 1973, for employment beginning September 1974 or later, may depend on the availability of funds or the size of enrollment.”

Line 61 – added “prior”

Line 71 – added “Violation of this policy may result in dismissal from the university.”

Line 86 – added “Violation of this policy may result in dismissal from the university.”

Line 112 – deleted “Part-time employees earn annual leave on a pro-rata basis.”

Line 132 – deleted “Faculty members  who, prior to January 1, 1969, accrued and carried over unused sick leave in excess of 180 days will not lose the excess leave but retain that amount of leave which then becomes the maximum amount the faculty member, may carry over into future years. If the faculty member subsequently reduces the amount of sick leave carried over to 180 days, that amount becomes the maximum amount of sick leave the faculty member may thereafter carry over.”

Line 169 – “Office of Human Resources” replaced “Vice President for Human Resources”

Line 268 – added “A sabbatical leave provides one-half pay for a full academic year, or full pay for one-half of an academic year. Granting sabbatical leaves of absence is dependent upon budget limitations, workloads, and other considerations. Therefore, it is a matter of administrative discretion. See Policies & Procedures for more information on Sabbatical Policy and Guidelines.”

Line 303 – “Office” replaces “Division”

Line 310 – “The University offers an employee assistance program that provides confidential counseling and assistance to faculty who are experiencing problems that impact their lives” replaces “The University offers an employee assistance program for faculty who need help solving personal or work-related problems.”

Line 334 – “Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Chancellor” replaces “Provost and President”

Ad hoc committee members:  Andrew Beer, Catherine Canino, Peter Caster, Dwight Lambert, Lilly Lancaster, Rebecca Stevens (Committee Chair)


Chapter 3: Employment and Benefits


October 4, 2010

Statement of Explanation

Chapter 3 Employment and Benefits was last updated in 1997.  Much in this chapter is determined by Human Resources, state law or USC system wide policies.  The proposed chapter is reorganized to make it easier to read and to access sought after information.  Personnel titles and offices have been updated to be current for the USC Upstate campus.  Information that appears in other chapters has been deleted from Chapter 3. 

Changes include the following:

  • Human Resources & Policy Changes moved from page 3-3 to beginning of chapter.  This is to introduce the chapter.
  • Affirmative Action Policy Statement moved from page 3-2 to page 1, renamed Equal Opportunity Policy Statement and updated.
  • Employment section moved from page 1 to page 2
  • Statement on sexual harassment moved from Affirmative Action Policy Statement to a section of its own. 
  • Outside Employment & Dual Employment blended
  • First sentence in Research deleted because it is in Chapter 2, remaining will be in policies & procedures manual
  • Consultant deleted because it is in Appendix A.
  • Reduction in Force deleted because it is in Chapter 8 Termination of Faculty.
  • Leave section updated with the addition of Leave Transfer Policy and Family Medical Leave.


September 27, 2010:

Chapter 4 SELECTION AND APPOINTMENT Procedures for Faculty and Faculty Administration has been revised with a few corrections and changes based upon input from the 9/17/10 faculty Advisory Committee meeting and Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Dr. Marsha Dowell. The changes are listed below. Additionally, Faculty Advisory requested that a statement explaining the changes from the current Chapter 4 to the proposed chapter 4 accompany the document being presented. That statement prefaces the chapter that is posted. The date in the document header of this revised chapter is October 1, 2010.

Changes made to Chapter 4 Selection and Appointment dated September 2010

Throughout        department to department / division

Line 5               selects to faculty elects

Line 5               four to at least four

Line 18             ADD: The University of South Carolina Upstate provides equal opportunity and affirmative action in education and employment for all qualified persons regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, veteran status and sexual orientation. These equal opportunity provisions include but are limited to admissions, employment, financial aid and student services.

Line 38             ADD recommended DELETE rating and

Line 45-46        Clarification “sent to the candidate by Academic Affairs.”

Line 71             ADD: The University recognizes that an over-dependence on part-time faculty is unwise and so endeavors to limit the number of courses taught by part-time faculty members employed in any academic program to less than 20 percent.

Line 86             Correction:”meet minimum SACS requirements” replaced with “have a minimum of 18 graduate hours in the discipline or a strong justification for meeting the criteria to teach.

Line 114            REPLACE: rankings with comments

Line 114            DELETE: may

Line 114            Correct: appoint to appoints

Line 143-144      REPLACE  “The dean appoints an interim department chair with the approval of the Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.” with “The dean recommends to the Senior Vice Chancellor a candidate identified as recommended by the voting faculty.  The Senior Vice Chancellor appoints the department / division chair.”

Line 176            Correction: replace “The search committee” with “Academic Affairs, with the Human Resources Office”

Line 195            REPLACE: “he or she” with “the Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs”

Line 196            DELETE: “and forwards all materials to the Chancellor”

Line 200            REPLACE:  “either approves the appointment or asks the search committee to submit additional names. The appointment of a dean is subject to confirmation by the President.” with “makes the decision”

Line 216            DELETE: and the President

Line 249            Correction: replace “The search committee” with “Academic Affairs, with the Human Resources


August 23, 2010:

Chapter 1 Boards, Commissions, University Officers has been reposted with a few editorial changes suggested at the August 20 Advisory Meeting.  The date in the document header of this revised chapter is August 2010.    The changes are: 

235 – theColumbia to the Columbia

316 – Department Chairs to Department / Division Chairs (in bold & first phrase in first sentence)

318 – department to unit

320 – department to unit

322 – Director to Dean (beginning of first sentence)

Chapter 1 Boards, Commissions, University Officers

Statement of explanation

Chapter 1 Boards, Commissions, University Officers was last updated in 1997.  The proposed chapter reflects changes in personnel titles, institutional name, and changes external to the institution (Spartanburg County).  Additional updating reflects modifications in personnel responsibilities.  

Proposed updating of the system sections (Board and Commissions; University Officers) is guided by the current text of USC Columbia’s Manual Appendix 1 Administrative Organization.  The description of the Spartanburg County Commission for Higher Education is updated according to their current descriptions and policies. 

The changes to campus reflect the current institution name (USCS to USC Upstate) change in personnel title (Executive Vice Chancellor to Senior Vice Chancellor), updating of titles from Associate Chancellors to Vice Chancellors.  Deans and Department Chair descriptions were updated to reflect current practices. 


June 29, 2010:

NOTE: Chapter 6 is a revised version, which is a reconciling of the one that P&T brought forward in April and the one the Manual Committee proposed.


April 27, 2010:

There are a few editorial and substantive changes made by the Faculty Manual Committee to Chapter 2a, Chapter 2, and Chapter 2 Current and Proposed Committee Structure that were posted on 3/29/10.  The substantive changes are as follows:

Chapter 2a Faculty Responsibilities

  • No changes

Chapter 2 Faculty Powers & Organization

  • Lines 324-342: redefinition of [new] Student Affairs Committee to Student Services Committee.
  • Line 344: Previous: “Each academic unit school and each division or department of the College of Arts and Sciences, have a Peer Review Committee…” Now reads: “Each academic unit has…” [The change was made to accommodate the library but has been written to include possible future unit changes.]
  • Lines 347-348: Committee members may not succeed themselves on the committee except in units with too few tenured faculty members to form a committee. [Exception added for small units, like the library.]

Chapter 2 Current and Proposed Committee Structure

  • Graduate Committee noted as deleted
  • The changes in duties for Faculty Advisory are  noted
  • Student (Affairs) Services is renamed & redefined

There are three additional documents:


March 29, 2010:


March 3, 2010:

Proposed Faculty Manual, Chapter 6 Promotion and Tenure revisions/changes.


January 12, 2010:

The cover page that prefaces revised Chapter 5 Faculty Review Procedures -Procedures for Administrative Review and Peer Review has been changed based upon suggestions that were made at the 1/8/10 Faculty Advisory Committee meeting.


December 8, 2009:


The Faculty Manual Committee will be bringing forward to Faculty Senate for discussion and vote one chapter at a time of the USC Upstate Faculty Manual. The first chapter being presented is Chapter 5 Faculty Review Procedures -Procedures for Administrative Review and Peer Review. This chapter is now posted for review. This posting meets the stipulation stated in the Faculty Manual that  “Proposed changes to the Faculty Manual must be provided to the faculty in writing at least one month prior to the meeting at which these changes will be considered.” The Committee anticipates that this chapter will be on the agenda of the January 22 Senate meeting. Changes to all Manual chapters, with the exception of Chapter 6, can be voted on by Senate. 

If you have any questions or comments, get in touch with any committee member directly or use the ‘drop box’ to submit your thoughts!

Faculty Manual Committee
Dr. Rebecca Stevens (Committee Chair)
Dr. Andrew Beer
Dr. Catherine Canino
Dr. Peter Caster
Dr. Dwight Lambert
Dr. Lilly Lancaster


Your input and suggestions are welcome. Comments may be submitted specific to any chapter or in general. Chapters will come forward one at a time for approval. The proposed chapters will be posted on this site as they are ready.

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