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Faculty Profile: Jimm Cox, Theatre

“If people think that some amount is just too little to give – it’s never too little. Because when you put all those little pieces together the end result is something quite amazing.”

In a tight financial year, the University was unable to fully fund the Theatre’s annual trip to London to perform in the International Youth Arts Festival, as it had in previous years. Thanks to the help of the Family Fund, enough funds were raised to continue this tremendous opportunity. Thanks to the generous support of others, 11 students were able to travel to London, England for 8 days to perform at the Rose Theatre with 300 other companies from around the globe. They proudly represented not only the Theatre, but the Department of Fine Arts, the College of Arts and Sciences, USC Upstate and the United States at this annual arts festival.

“We have found in past years that students’ lives are changed remarkably," said Jimm Cox, Professor of Theatre and Director of the Shoestring Players." "And, once you change their lives, you’ve really changed the lives of their families for generations to come. So, the impact is really without measure.”

Family Fund Profile: Katharine Gibb,
Mary Black School of Nursing

My request to faculty is to give, give, give.”

Thanks to the Family Fund, the Mary Black School of Nursing is able to provide more opportunities both for students and faculty. Gifts to the Family Fund made it possible to purchase state-of-the-art equipment for nursing students including four, high-fidelity simulators. Several scholarships for nursing students are also available through the foundation. These scholarships often allow students the ability to finish their education when they do not have the means to do so. 

The recently established Cecelia Cogdill Endowment for Faculty Development will be used specifically for an annual faculty development program that will benefit not only the USC Upstate faculty members and students but also community nurses who need professional development.

"The foundation has been a critical factor in securing these funds," Dr. Katharine Gibb, Dean of the Mary Black School of Nursing, said. 

Faculty Profile: Kara Ferguson, Student Affairs

“We decided to open the pantry to provide that resource to help our students so that they didn’t have to think about academics and where they are going to get their next meal.”

The SNAC Pantry is an initiative that was started in 2011 after student affairs staff members learned of many students who were struggling to get by, some were even living out of their cars. Because students who are hungry are not able to concentrate and are more than likely not doing well in their classes, as well, the SNAC Pantry was born. 

By offering food and other basic necessities, the SNAC pantry helps to reduce the stress level of students who have an emergency need. Peak times at the Pantry are at the beginning of the semester, towards midterms and at the end of the semester. During these times, grants and loans run out and students are often unable to balance all of their coursework while also working.

"We love it when people donate through the Family Fund because it helps us be able to provide the items that some of our students need that aren’t traditional like diapers and formula,” said Kara Ferguson, Assistant Director of Student Life. 

Faculty Profile: Jack Turner, 
Watershed Ecology Center

“If it wasn't for the support I get for the Center, we couldn't offer some of the camps – not at $75.”

The Watershed Ecology Center is an outreach program that goes into the schools to teach science education. Started in 2001 thanks to the generosity of donors and grants, the program includes hands on learning for students K-12 in both the classroom and through summer camps.

Hatcher Gardens hosted the summer campus until the development of the Susan Jacobs Arboretum and the Lawrence E. Roël Garden Pavilion through donations from the Family Fund. Thanks to these generous gifts, USC Upstate was able to bring the Watershed Ecology Center’s summer camps onto the USC Upstate Campus.

The Watershed Ecology Center is also grateful to have student interns from the School of Education to supplement their efforts. These students make a big difference in the classroom.

"With the development of the Arboretum and the development of this shelter; this is a wonderful facility on this campus. It is used continuously during the day and a lot of times at night. When you come by on the weekend, a lot of time it's still in use." 

Staff Profile: Bruce Suddeth, Director of Building and Landscape Services

“I would ask our colleagues and staff that we work with to think about the importance of the beautification of the Arboretum and the campus in order to get potential students here and to get their families here. The more students that we have, the more retention we have in those students, the more the University will grow.”

The appearance of the campus is one of the first things potential students and their families see when they visit the University. Facilities Management and Landscape Services works very hard to ensure the campus always looks it’s best to ensure students have a good first and lasting impression. They want the beauty of the campus to inspire students to come to the University and stay at the University. 

The Family Fund helps the Facilities Management team to maintain and improve the campus. They work hard to use the available funds as wisely as possible, making the biggest impression possible with as minimal cost as possible. 

"It’s our job to make this place as beautiful as we can make it. Those funds help us do that,” Bruce Suddeth,Director of Building and Landscape Services, said.

Faculty Profile: Julie Moss, 
Mary Black School of Nursing

“I would ask that you give and give abundantly to the International Nursing Fund so that some of our students who financially can’t do it, would be able to go.”

The International Nursing program is unique to USC Upstate. It has given 127 nursing students the opportunity to travel to either Capetown, South Africa or Quito, Ecuador to study the health of the community – both of its members and its health care systems. 

Through the Family Fund, the International Nursing Fund is able to make the trips more affordable to students. Without this fund, many students would not be able to experience this opportunity to apply what they are learning in the classroom at an international level. 

"It’s an ongoing program that has had nothing but successes and wonderful outcomes. Meeting not only program objectives but really broadening the world views of the students,” said Julie Moss, Assistant Professor at the Mary Black School of Nursing. 

Student Profile: Deleisha McFadden, 
Mary Black School of Nursing Student

“Getting that scholarship helped me to be able to afford tuition here at Upstate.”

Meet Deleisha McFadden. She is passionate about what she is studying and driven to succeed. 

Like most USC Upstate students, Deleisha did not come from a wealthy family. She chose to attend USC Upstate because of its affordability and the opportunities it offered her. After being accepted to the University, she applied for and received a Foundation scholarship that allowed her the opportunity to focus on her studies while removing some of the burden of tuition from herself and her family.

"I received the Dale Scurry Foundation Scholarship. And, that has been a tremendous help for me because while working in nursing school, it’s been kind of difficult and stressful.” Deleisha

Deleisha looks forward to graduating in December.

Staff Profile: Eddie Payne, Athletics

“I think it’s important in an institution of higher learning to know that you are investing in people’s lives directly…I don’t know how you can invest in anything more important than that.”

Support from the Family Fund allows the Men’s Basketball team and other athletic teams to be more competitive and seek both a higher level of competition and a higher level of student athlete who will contribute to the overall campus.

When faculty and staff get involved through the Family Fund it also makes them more apt to participate in games and creates a better atmosphere for everyone on campus.

"When faculty and staff buy tickets and support the program like that it just enhances the overall experience as well as the competitiveness of the program,” said Eddie Payne, Head Coach of the Men’s Basketball team. 

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