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Master of Education in Elementary Education

Student Worksheet

I. Core Required Courses (15 credits)
______ SERM 700: Introduction to Research in Education
______ SEPY 705: Children and Adolescents as Learners
______ SEFN 744: Philosophy and Education
______ SEDL 715: Elementary School Curriculum
______ SEDL 720: Middle School Curriculum and Organization
______ SEDL 717: Curriculum Problems in the Elementary School

II. Content Methods Courses (12-15 credits)
1. Literacy area:
______ SLCY 722: Developing Literacy from Kindergarten through Second Grade (recommended for primary grade teachers)
______ SLCY 723: Developing Literacy from Grades Three through Eight
______ SLCY 728: Reading and Writing in the Content Areas

2. Social studies area:
______ SEDL 760: Social Studies in Elementary/Middle School

3. Science area:
______ SEDL 615: Science in the Elementary School

4. Mathematics area:
______ SEDL 642: Teaching Mathematics to Young Children (recommended for primary grade teachers only)
______ SEDL 645: Diagnostic Teaching of Arithmetic
______ SEDL 745: Teaching Elementary Problem Solving, Geometry, and Measurement Topics

III. Related Study (3-6 credits)
______ ________________________________
______ ________________________________
(No more than 6 hours of professional development courses may be used in a degree program.)

IV. Final Seminar (3 credits)
______ SEDL 780: Seminar in Elementary Education

V. Graduate Professional Portfolio


Transfer Credit. Transfer work from a regionally accredited institution applicable to a master's degree must be within the six years prior to USC Upstate degree completion. A maximum of twelve semester hours credit (nine if part of a master's degree at the other institution) may be considered, subject to these additional provisions: (a) the courses must be documented by an official transcript mailed to the admissions office by the awarding institution; (b) the transcript must clearly indicate that graduate credit was awarded or specifically verified by the institution's registrar or graduate dean; (c) the courses must be judged appropriate by the student's advisor, approved by the dean of the School of Education, and listed on an approved program of study; (d) courses graded lower than B are not transferable; (e) USC Upstate provides no revalidation mechanism for courses completed at another institution.


Academic Residency Requirement.  Students must successfully complete a minimum of 24 semester hours of program courses offered by the University of South Carolina Upstate.



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Program Contacts

Tina Herzberg, Ph.D.
Director of Graduate Programs
School of Education

Ron Fulbright, Ph.D.
Program Chair
Department of Informatics


Mary Alice Hodge, Ph.D., CNL-C, RN

Director, Graduate Program
Mary Black School of Nursing

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