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Admission Criteria

Individuals seeking admission to USC Upstate as a degree candidate will be considered for full admission when the USC Upstate Admissions Office receives all admissions materials. However, students are eligible to take up to twelve hours of program courses pending receipt of all materials. If the student meets all criteria, the student will be accepted as a degree candidate.

  • Valid teaching certificate
  • Application for degree seeking graduate students
  • $40 application fee (Students who have previously applied and enrolled for graduate studies at the University of South Carolina Upstate, and have paid the application fee, are not required to do so again unless a major semester is missed in which case a $10 readmit fee is required)
  • A state residency status form
  • Citizenship Verification Form accompanied by all required legal documents indicating proof of citizenship and any/all name changes
  • Two letters of recommendation using forms provided in the application packet.
  • Minimum Miller Analogy Test (MAT) score of 390 or Graduate Records Examination (GRE) score of 400 on the verbal section and 400 on the quantitative section.
  • Official copies of transcripts from all previous undergraduate and graduate studies.
  • A minimum GPA on all undergraduate course work of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale.
  • Proof of immunization for measles (rubeola) and German measles (rubella) if born after Dec. 31, 1956.
  • A personal interview with a member of the faculty of the USC Upstate School of Education.
  • Attendance at a regularly scheduled Portfolio Introduction and Training Session.

Conditional Admission

Under two circumstances a student may apply for conditional admission as long as all other admission requirements have been fulfilled.

1. If, after two attempts, the student fails to meet the required Miller Analogies Test (MAT) score of 390 or Graduate Records Examination (GRE) score of 400 on the verbal section and 400 on the quantitative section
2. The student does not have the minimum GPA on all undergraduate coursework of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale.

The student must submit a request for conditional admission in writing to the Director of Graduate Programs. If the student fails to meet BOTH of these criteria they ARE NOT eligible for conditional admission. If the student is granted conditional admission, and achieves a minimum GPA of 3.25 on the initial 12 hours of USC Upstate program coursework, the student will be fully admitted as a masters candidate. If the student fails to achieve this grade point average, the student may not continue in the masters program.

Applicants Not Seeking a Degree

Students wishing to enroll in either program courses or professional development courses but who do not wish to pursue a graduate degree at USC Upstate must submit the following admission materials:

Students with No Teaching Credential

Students holding a baccalaureate degree but no teaching credential may be admitted and enroll in graduate courses as a non-degree student with the approval of the Director of Graduate Programs. However, only teachers who hold a permanent, current teaching credential are eligible for the reduced tuition rate allowed for certified teachers. Students admitted as non-degree students may take up to twelve hours of graduate work without being admitted to a degree program. In order to enroll in more than 12 hours as a non-degree student, the applicant must complete another non-degree application form, a state residency status form, and submit a copy of a teaching credential. This procedure will allow an additional 12 hours of graduate study. However, the applicant must be aware that a maximum of six hours of professional development courses are applicable to a degree program.

Valid period of admission. Admission to graduate study at USC Upstate is valid for one year. If an applicant fails to complete any graduate courses or part of the prescribed program within this period, the acceptance lapses, and the student becomes subject to any new requirements that may have been adopted. Students who do not enroll in classes within one calendar year of admission must reapply. Students who have been admitted to graduate study at the University of South Carolina Upstate under regulations other than those now in force, and who have not completed any USC Upstate courses during a period of three or more years, are required to fulfill current admission requirements prior to attending USC Upstate for additional graduate work. Upon readmission, these students become subject to the current graduate regulations.





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