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Homecoming 2014

Student Homecoming Court

This year, the Homecoming Committee will use a nomination process for the Student Homecoming Court. Instead of requiring candidates to be sponsored by a registered student organization, students may nominate themselves or be nominated by any USC Upstate student organization, student, faculty or staff member. Any student can run for Homecoming Royalty!  

Once nominations are received, the Homecoming Committee, in conjunction with the Offices of Student Life and Alumni Relations, will review the candidates and announce the initial Homecoming Court. Depending on the number of nominations, not all nominees may make the court.     

Candidates not nominated by a student organization for homecoming court will be paired up with one by the Homecoming Committee and the Office of Student Life. Student Organizations will campaign for the candidates they support and receive spirit competition points based on the success of their candidate.  

Eligibility Requirements

  • Currently enrolled in a degree program at USC Upstate
  • Minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA
  • Good academic and social/behavioral standing with the University, as determined by Enrollment Services and the Dean of Students
  • Completion of at least one semester at USC Upstate
  • Did not serve as the 2015 Homecoming King or Queen

King & Queen Selection Process

The process for going from nominee to royalty is an exciting journey for all participants. What to expect:

  1. Nominate yourself or be nominated by someone else.
  2. Complete the candidacy form (if you were nominated by someone else).
  3. Attend a meeting of all candidates to discuss the do's and don'ts of campaigning for court.
  4. Have your picture taken by the University photographer.
  5. Make a marketing/campaign plan.
  6. Execute the plan.
  7. Attend all the homecoming events you can.
  8. Encourage people to vote for you at events and online.
  9. Celebrate your accomplishment! You ran for Homecoming Court and stood #SpartanStrong!

This year the king and queen will be chosen by a two-pronged election process. As in years past, we will conduct an online election where candidates will have their pictures and a short bio for students to choose from. Additionally, each candidate will have a jar at every official homecoming event. Every student that attends will be given the two tickets to place in the jar(s) they choose. Candidates will get one (1) additional online vote for each five (5) tickets in their jar. Be sure to encourage all your friends and supporters to attend every homecoming event.

Nomination Process

Self Nomination

Candidates can nominate themselves by completing the candidacy form.  Candidates without out a student organization supporting them will be paired with an organization that does not have a candidate to support by the Office of Student Life. If you do have a supporting organization, please indicate that on the form.

Nominating Someone Else

If a student organization, faculty/staff member or any student would like to nominate someone to be on court, they can. Simply complete the homecoming court nomination form and provide their contact information. The Office of Student Life will contact them to complete the candidacy form. Please remember that each organization can nominate two candidates to the court and will receive spirit points based on how well the candidates do in the election. 

Contact Us

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Assistant Director for Campus Programs
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Joshua Jones
Director of Alumni Relations
Phone: 864-503-5234

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