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Image Manual

The Purpose of this Manual

Each area of the University has unique needs and applications for print, Web and other types of media. Included within this manual are sections addressing such issues as the use of visual elements and styles across various mediums, appropriate logo use, guidelines for developing print publications, as well as incorrect usage of logos. While the intent was to be as comprehensive as possible when developing this manual, the Office of University Communications is aware that special situations may arise that are not covered in this manual. In these events, please contact the Office of University Communications for review and approval.

This manual is available online. If you have any questions, please contact the Office of University Communications at 864-503-5210.

Why We Have Identity Standards  

As the University of South Carolina Upstate continues striving toward its vision to become one of the Southeast’s leading “metropolitan” universities, it is critical that the visual elements that represent the institution and its image do so consistently and with integrity. Across the nation, institutions of higher education have begun recognizing the importance of image consistency to protect their images and build their brands. The successful outcome of branding is the creation of an instant recognition and emotional connection with desired audiences.

The branding of a university is vital in that it presents a consistent, yet evolving, set of messages to connect with its diverse group of audiences. A proliferation of independent, decentralized identities and symbols creates confusion in the minds of audiences whose support we seek: prospective students, students, alumni, parents, community and business leaders, and donors. While a successful branding effort is comprised of much more than logos, symbols and colors, they are an institution’s visual representation and extension.

Finally, consistency in visual identity protects the institution’s patents, licenses and trademarks, and increases the value of its identity over the long term.

This Image Management Manual includes all of the branding elements and image consistency necessary to present USC Upstate in a consistent, meaningful way. Following these guidelines will help the University communicate more clearly and make it easier to develop effective print ads, radio spots, Web pages, billboards, signs, brochures, direct mailers and other University materials.

The entire campus community has a responsibility to present the USC Upstate brand in a consistent manner. As you develop printed publications and post material to the Web, it is important to adhere to the guidelines found in this manual. Additionally, the USC Upstate brand must be supported by the actions and words of everyone who works for, attends or represents this institution. After all, an exceptional university—an exceptional brand—is defined by the values, integrity and performance of its people.