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USC Upstate Library
800 University Way
Spartanburg, SC 29303
Phone: 864-503-5620

Library Faculty and Staff

Administration | Access Services | Technical Services | Reference and Instructional Services


Frieda Patrick Davison
Dean of the Library
History, Genealogy, Southern History
Email: fdavison@uscupstate.edu
Office: Library 111C
Phone: (864) 503-5610
Nancy Lambert
Associate Dean, Library, USC Upstate Greenville Campus
Email: nlambert@uscupstate.edu
Office: Greenville, University Center Library Room A
Spartanburg, Library 264
Phone: (864) 503-5615
Clementine Geter
Administrative Assistant
Email: cgeter@uscupstate.edu
Office: Library 111A
Phone: (864) 503-5620


Access Services

Chris Bianco
Access Services- Circulation

Email: cbianco@uscupstate.edu
Office: Library 110
Phone: (864) 503-5607

Pierre Bouabre
Web Applications Specialist

Email: pbouabre@uscupstate.edu
Office: Library 263
Phone: (864) 503-5429

Melissa Coulston
Access Services- PASCAL and Course Reserves Specialist
Email: mcoulston@uscupstate.edu
Office: Library 110
Phone: (864) 503-5530
Pauma Deaton
Access Services- Part-Time- Circulation

Email: pdeaton@uscupstate.edu
Office: Library 110
Phone: (864) 503-5611
Teresa Dees
Access Services - Computer Labs

Email: tdees@uscupstate.edu
Office: Library 117B
Phone: (864) 503-5696
Johnaca Dunlap
Access Services- Computer Labs  
Email: jdunlap@uscupstate.edu
Office: Library 117A
Phone: (864) 503-5402

Mary Kaye Gault
Coordinator of Access Services 

Email: mgault@uscupstate.edu
Office: Library 110
Phone: (864) 503-5679
Mary Hovelstrud
Access Services - Interlibrary Loan Specialist

Email: mhovelstrud@uscupstate.edu
Office: Library 110
Phone: (864) 503-5402


Technical Services

Bonnie Brock
Technical Services Manager

Email: bbrock@uscupstate.edu
Office: Library 111B
Phone: (864) 503-5639

Blake Deegan
Technical Services

Email: bdeegan@uscupstate.edu
Office: Library 101
Phone: (864) 503-5619
Wesley Greer
Technical Services

Email: wgreer@uscupstate.edu
Office: Library 101
Phone: (864) 503-5617
Tina Hughes
Technical Services

Email: thughes@uscupstate.edu
Office: Library 101
Phone: (864) 503-5626
Michael Sanders  
Technical Services/Archives
Email: msanders2@uscupstate.edu
Office: Library 111
Phone: (864) 503-5655

Mark Smith
Technical Services

Email: msmith2@uscupstate.edu 
Office: Library 101 
Phone: (864) 503-5672


Reference & Instructional Services

Virginia Alexander
Instructor Librarian
Coordinator of Library Marketing and Outreach

Email: alexanva@uscupstate.edu
Office: Library 103
Phone: (864) 503-5735

Jodi-Ann Pugner Blakeley
Part-Time Reference Librarian

Email: jblakeley@uscupstate.edu
Office: Library 103
Phone: (864) 503-5608
Lola Bradley
Instructor Librarian
Email: lbradley@uscupstate.edu
Office: Library 113A
Phone: (864) 503-5006

Teri Elsey
Part-Time Reference Librarian

Email: elseyt@uscupstate.edu
Office: Library 103
Phone: (864) 503-5608

Andy Finkle
Part-Time Reference Librarian

Email: afinkle@uscupstate.edu
Office: Library 103
Phone: (864) 503-5608

Laura Karas
Senior Instructor- Librarian

Email: lkaras@uscupstate.edu
Office: Library 265
Phone: (864) 503-5637

Andrew Kearns
Assistant Librarian
Coordinator of Library Instruction

Email: akearns@uscupstate.edu
Office: Library 105
Phone: (864) 503-5403

Bree Kirsch
Instructor Librarian
Coordinator of Emerging Technologies

Email: bkirsch@uscupstate.edu
Office: Library 114A
Phone: (864) 503-5613
James LaMee
Instructor Librarian / UCG
Coordinator of Library Services for Distance Learning / Education
Email: jlamee@uscupstate.edu
Office: UCG 144 / Library 266
Phone: (864) 503-5991
Jan Lowry
Part-Time Reference Librarian
Email: jlowry@uscupstate.edu
Office: Library 103
Phone: (864) 503-5608

Camille McCutcheon
Coordinator of Collection Management

Email: cmccutcheon@uscupstate.edu
Office: Library 114B
Phone: (864) 503-5612

Ann Merryman
Assistant Librarian
Coordinator of Archives and Special Collections

Email: amerryman@uscupstate.edu
Office: Library 273
Phone: (864) 503-5275
Archives: Library 268
Phone: (864) 503-5648

Kevin Shehan
Instructor Librarian
Coordinator of Electronic Resources

Email: kshehan@uscupstate.edu
Office: Library 113B
Phone: (864) 503-5632

Karen Swetland
Assistant Librarian
Reference Coordinator

Email: kswetland@uscupstate.edu
Office: Library 104
Phone: (864) 503-5034

Janet Ward
Part-Time Reference Librarian

Email: wardjl2@uscupstate.edu
Office: Library 103
Phone: (864) 503-5608