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Administrative Assessment

The purpose of administrative assessment is to produce meaningful feedback for the department, school/college or administrative unit on the performance of its services, thereby allowing each unit/department to improve its programs and processes. It is not an evaluation of individuals; rather, it is an evaluation of our effectiveness in delivering benefits to our respective clients/users. The concept of institutional effectiveness is central to the accreditation process and the goal of continuous improvement to meet the highest standards of excellence in all of our programs. 

Although a particular method of demonstrating institutional effectiveness is not mandated in the current SACS criteria for accreditation, each institution is expected to determine institutional effectiveness by implementing an assessment plan that:

  • is broad-based, 
  • is derived from the institution's purpose and goals, 
  • uses a variety of assessment methods, and 
  • demonstrates the use of results for the improvement of both academic programs and administrative support units. 

In May 2005, Chancellor’s Cabinet and the Chancellor authorized that all administrative and educational support services offices will submit annually an administrative assessment report serving as the institution’s primary means of administrative assessment.


May 15 – Administrative plans for the coming year are created/updated and submitted to the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Compliance and the appropriate Vice Chancellor 

July 1 – Administrative assessment reports for the previous year are submitted to the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Compliance and the appropriate Vice Chancellor by all offices 

Oct 1 – Administrative offices and the appropriate Vice Chancellor receive administrative assessment report feedback on standardized rubric 

Oct 15 – Chancellor receives an institutional report containing information from all administrative and educational support services offices

Annual Reports

2010-2011 Administrative Assessment Reports
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2006-2007 Administrative Assessment Reports

Policies and Procedures

Administrative Assessment Policies and Procedures

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