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University Student Surveys

First Year Survey 

USC Upstate is committed to fostering academic success and a sense of community that encourage students to meet their educational goals.  To that end, we have developed and implemented a First Year Survey, administered in rotation with Graduate and Transfer Surveys, to assess the quality of students' experiences at the University.  The survey is distributed to all first year students, both freshmen and transfers, at the University each Spring.

0910 First Year Survey Results 
0809 First Year Survey Results 
0708 First Year Survey Results 

Graduates Survey 

USC Upstate is committed to providing excellent educational opportunities for all students.  The Graduates survey is distributed in Spring, in rotation with the First-Year and Transfer Surveys, to Spring to graduates of that academic year to assess the quality of education provided by the University and the degree to which graduates are prepared for careers after graduation.

2008-2009 Graduate Survey Results  
2007-2008 Graduate Survey Results 
2006-2007 Graduate Survey Results
2005-2006 Graduate Survey Results 

If you would like to design a survey or similar assessment, please contact Brian Mallory at (864) 503-5796.